Saturday, October 10, 2009

More details for those who ask...

At seven months pregnant, my husband came home from work three hours early to let me know that his company had a division merger and that everyone in his division was being let go (more than 90 people and 80% of the company at this location - international company). Great. He literally said, "I have good news and bad news. Good news is he gets to spend the last months of my pregnancy and first months of our daughters lives with us and we get a decent severance check. The bad news is, he's jobless." Nice. Well, four months later, and a few severance check fund-less later... he has a new and much better job in Memphis. Similar job, but better company, better pay, better benefits. Better neighborhood, better challenges, and more room to grow in the company. Yay for my Enginerd!

So the last two months of my pregnancy, and the first two months of my baby's life I had my darling hubby with me practically every day. Except for those where he went off on a million job interviews. So now, the house that we were so excited to buy last October... is on the market and we are praying that it will sell. We are renting in a northern suburb of Memphis a fabulous and dream-come-true house that we would buy if we could. Hopefully our house will sell quickly and we can...

Now I'm off to a small community oriented town where the library and quilt shop across the street from each other is 2.1 miles with sidewalks 90% of the way. The closest grocery store is Kroger that was just built last month and a mall with EVERYTHING imaginable is about 3 exits away down the interstate toward Memphis.

Yes, I was stressed about joblessness. The severance ran out about a day or so before the new job offer, so things got really scary, but God provides and in the right time. We were able to have COBRA insurance, so the pregnancy, birth, and pediatrician have all been covered. Things could have been much worse. This job is extremely promising and we are very excited about our new horizons. This will be a first of being out of Georgia for both my husband and myself, but it's an adventure and we're eager. So now, there is a bit of stress with the move (as our belongings will be away from us for a week...) but it will be over soon enough and life will go on a bit better than before!

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Nise' said...

How exciting. Best wishes for a smooth relocation!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Congrats to Enginerd on the new job!! Woo-hoo!

I'm sorry to see you leave GA, but your "new horizons" sound wonderful! I've been jobless/fund-less for over a year now...we thank God that my hubby has been able to keep his far. We bought a new house a year ago the end of this month, and it's been scary trying to keep all of the bills paid. I hope and pray every day that I'll be able to see/understand where God wants me to be...stay at home, or get back out in the working world.

Have fun, and be safe, while moving to TN!

~ Lori

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Thanks Nise.

Lori, it's an off feeling is it not, the unknown? Everyday I'm working on reminding myself more and more just to go with the flow and all will work out in the end.

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