Saturday, August 18, 2007

Suspense and Adventure Reads

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Abingdon Press
Ariel Allison
eye of the god


James David Jordan
Double Cross

Bethany House
Deeanne Gist & J. Mark Bertrand

Karen Hancock
The Enclave*

Kristen Heitzmann
The Edge of Recall

Tom Morrisey
Pirate Hunter

Harvest House
Craig Parshall
The Rose Conspiracy

Howard Books
Davis Bunn
Gold of Kings

Paul McCusker & Walt Larimore, M. D.
Time Scene Investigators: The Gabon Virus

Amy Wallace
Ransomed Dreams

Jill Elizabeth Nelson - To Catch a Thief Series
Reluctant Burglar*
Reluctant Runaway*
Reluctant Smuggler

Karen Ball - Family Honor Series
Shattered Justice
Kaleidoscope Eyes
What Lies Within

Melanie Wells - Day of Evil Series
When the Day of Evil Comes*
The Soul Hunter*
My Soul to Keep


Melanie Jeschke
Jillian Dare

Steeple Hill
- Love Inspired Suspense
Camy Tang
Deadly Intent

Lynnette Eason
Holiday Illusion

Virginia Smith
Bluegrass Peril
A Taste of Murder*

Thomas Nelson
Matt Bronleewe - August Adams Adventures
House of Wolves

Tyndale House
C.J. Darlington
Thicker than Blood 

DiAnn Mills - Call of Duty Series
Breach of Trust 
Sworn to Protect* 

Waterbrook Press
Peggy Darty - Cozy Mystery Series
When the Sandpiper Calls*
When Bobbie Sang the Blues*
When Zeffie Got a Clue

Tracey Bateman

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