Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bugalug Soother Clips

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There are just so accessories that are too cute for words and the Bugalug Soother Clips are one of those, but I will try to find words appropriate. Thanks to Erica Pieszak, we were introduced to Bugalug (Stay-Put accessories for the Urban Girl) and am I ever glad to have found them! We have had a pacifier clip that just was not working for us and that was really frustrating. Especially as AppleBlossom is getting stronger with the clip that we had she would suck on the ribbon and it was really thin and would be saturated quickly. Then the velcro that held it together would stop working as it was saturated. Also, she could just put and it would come right off. This was starting to become a real problem and a pointless thing to wear. But not so with the Bugalug Soother Clips!! 

Buglug sent us a Wine Flowers Soother Clip and first off let me tell you how darling this clip is! It is absolutely gorgeous and such great colors. No doubt of matching anything here. *grin* The clip is awesome. You pull forward the little bugalug and the teeth of the clip open up, then you fasten it shut on whatever you're attaching it do and you're ready to go! She pulls and pulls, but it does not slip off! She chew on the ribbon and it does not soak through! The wider ribbon is fabulous and shows off more of the design and I love that. The other thing that I love are the jeweled snaps. They add just the right amount of pretty flair that makes these clips rank even higher on my list. I just all around love them. Bugalug took an item that I was ready to call worthless and showed me just what quality could be. 

This Bugalug Soother Saver is beautifully decorated with an assortment of flowers on a rich burgundy base.  The soother clip is made out of a 1 inch grosgrain ribbon. 

I highly recommend the Bugalug Soother Clips and I am quite certain that their other products would be right along the same par as well! From barrettes, headbands, pony loops, soother clips, belts and other gift ideas they surely have something to please.

Bugalug is proud of their innovative, stylish and fun accessories. With so many styles and products to choose from, your little one will love to express themselves with a Bugalug.
- Best Non-Slip Clip (in Canada)
- Top Quality Products
- Handmade in Canada by Moms
- Exclusive Ribbon Designs
- Non-Toxic & Lead Free

Buy it: The Bugalug Soother Clips are very affordable at $10 and available through their website at or

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Lindsey said...

Cute AND practical! I can't tell you how many pacifiers we've lost (and bought!). Great review! :-)

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