Monday, April 5, 2010

Dress Up Pirate Toy

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Have you discovered Growing Tree Toys yet? If not, you are really missing out and should check out all of their educational toys. Thanks to Sarah at Growing Tree Toys we were sent a Dress Up Pirate Toy for review. It is one of the cutest things I have seen! It is an 18th month toy, and as AppleBlossom is just now turning eight months so does not enjoy the entirety of the toy (as much as the Enginerd does...) but so loves it already anyway.

This is a dressing activity doll where you can snap, button, velcro fasten and buckle! There is a cool fabric pirate sword in his pocket (probably the Enginerd's favorite part) and there is even a parrot friend that rattles. The shoes can be zipped or tied and the learning possibilities are endless. I know that as time goes on she will love to play with this pirate, although for now it's under observation only. *Grin* SisterL, mama of five says that they have several of these type dress up learning dolls in their family and her kids love them! 

The Dress Up Pirate Toy from Manhattan Toy is the perfect toy for your growing pirate mate! Dressing like pirate will become easy with the Dress Up Pirate Toy, and growing toddlers will be able to learn important skills while playing with their new pirate friend. A soft plush doll, the Dress Up Pirate Toy features multi-colored and multi-textured fabrics to explore, as well as buttons, snaps, ties, zippers, and hook-and-loop closures to help teach important dressing skills. And no pirate would be complete without their classic parrot friend! Completely engaging instead of fear-inspiring with a cute eye-patch and pirate hat, the Dress Up Pirate Toy from Manhattan Toy will have kids sailing away for a day of play and skills development. Measures 15”H.


  • Plush doll that is a perfect toddler toy for learning important skills
  • Features buttons, snaps, ties, zippers, hook-and-loop closures, parrot friend, eye-patch and pirate hat
  • Helps teach dressing skills
  • Measures 15”H

I personally love all the different colors and textures with his outfit and hair as well as accessories. I can remember growing up loving the activity books where you could button and snap and so on. The idea of having it all on a doll is fabulous to me. Plus he is just so cute!
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Lindsey said...

I really want one of these! So cute!

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