Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pediped Shoes

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It was January when I introduced you to one of our favorite AppleBlossom accessories, the No Slippy Hair Clippy. In that post I also mentioned the collection of Pediped NSHC (hair clips that match shoes!!!). Today I get to rave to you about another favorite accessory that we could not live without (okay maybe we could, but we do not want to!) our Pediped Shoes!! 

Pediped makes shoes from birth to age five in different collections, but the ones that I want to tell you about are the Originals (birth to 2 years) with soft leather soles. These are our favorite shoes so far. We have not been much of a shoe family for AppleBlossom, but when we go out and she might be standing I put shoes on her to protect her feet (plus they're cute and match everything). Now that she is walking with help as well as crawling, whenever we're out the door, the shoes are with us. Though I like some of the other soft soled shoes we have, our Pedipeds are our favorite by far (yet I'll tell you soon about some rubber soled shoes we crave). One of the neatest things about Pediped (that you may have heard me toot already) is that they are very active in charities. I think that is so important in a business and they do not disappoint. They sell more than just shoes and hair clips. There are also tights, socks and their website has a shoe finder feature that will help you search the plethora of fabulous shoes for both boys and girls. 

pediped™ was founded in 2004 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth after searching for a perfect soft sole shoe for their daughter Caroline. The first line was launched in February 2005. Three years later, the company now offers over 85 styles in two lines, Originals (soft-soles, ages 0-2 years) and Flex (rubber-soles, ages 1-5). pediped™ footwear focuses on comfortable, high quality, stylish designs that meet the strict requirements of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The shoes come in a broad range of styles from sandals and athletic fashions to dress and casual shoes, all designed to address the growing needs of children from birth through age 5. Sold in more than 2500 retail and departments store in the United States and 35 countries around the world, pediped™ shoes have a demonstrated global consumer appeal.

Thanks to Hilary Abbott Communications, AppleBlossom was able to obtain a pair of Chocolate Giselle with Polka Dots Leather Mary Janes. Everywhere we go she gets compliments. Seriously because of the different color dots, they match everything and that is awesome to me. I hardly have to worry about having a million different pairs of shoes that she will grow out of so quickly. Yet at the same time, there are so many different designs that if I did want a million pair of shoes, I could happily do so with Pediped. *wink* 

As far as AppleBlossom's feet, she has been able to wear her 0-6 month size Pedipeds since before she was standing, and since she has been standing they are perfect and she still has a little more room for them to last now at eight months old. They really are soft, and early on AppleBlossom informed us that they pass the taste test, however we try to make that cease as a habit. *grin* The leather is gorgeous for one and really soft. I have no doubts of the protection that her feet are getting and am very happy with the lack of forced structure that will allow her feet to grow. 

Pediped footwear is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for contributing to healthy foot development for children. 

Soon we will have to start looking to purchase some shoes the next size up (6-12 mo) and I personally have my eyes on some Abigail - Multi Leather Mary Janes and possibly Addison - pediped graffiti Mary Janes. They're just too cute!

Check out all their new Spring styles!

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