Thursday, April 1, 2010

I bought Quilting fabric!!!

Not sure if you noticed, but the background of my blog is a repeating quilt blog. This was initially started as a newly wed wanting to show off her quilting projects. Then it turned into Christian Fiction Reviews. Then Maternity Reviews and Journey. Then Baby Products and More! Now it is a bit of everything, but it has been a while since there was anything quilty. One issue, I cannot read and quilt. Now I cannot play with AppleBlossom and read and that means that I cannot even think about quilting (or cross stitching). 

Well today I bought quilting fabric! Backing material actually for a quilt top that I finished before the end of my pregnancy (my daughter is eight months old btw). In the depot downtown area of the town I live in there is an amazing quilt shop The Arlington Quilting Barn (they're website is under going some construction, so bare with them). The few times that I have been I have met some different ladies and they are all so nice and geniunely interested in my projects (and my AppleBlossom). So far AppleBlossom has behaved very well and grins and cuddles on cue. It's fabulous. 

I cannot wait until I can grab a few hours here and there and get back into quilting. Right now I am the main source of AppleBlossom's entertainment, but as she is now crawling and standing and very close to walking I'm sure we might be able to find some toys (or something) to entertain her for a least a short little while. (One can hope right?)

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Hull.Margaret said...

Your "investment" in both Apple Blossom and the quilting will be greatly rewarded and rewarding.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I surely hope so. I'm just curious if I'll need to find a long arm quilter for this one so that it will be finished (you know within the next ten years?!).

Erin said...

o man, i just bought my first sewing machine... i'd love to learn to quilt. not sure whether i have the patience/coordination/talent!

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