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Product Review: Bambino Mio #clothdiapers

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When I was first shopping around for baby stuff at the beginning of my pregnancy with AppleBlossom in New Baby Products in Georgia I discovered a cloth diaper brand Bambino Mio. Thanks to Regal Lager, Inc I was able to review some Bambino Mio Trial Packs to see what it is all about. My husband loves our Bambino Mio diapers and the entire system is awesome. 

Bambino Mio Trial Packs consist of a prefold diaper, flushable liner and Velcro diaper cover. The covers are available in a handful of different prints (I love the new ones that have just been released in Berry and Citrus!! [edited to add, only available in the US at this time]) as well as a white solid. While the covers are available in five different sizes, the prefolds are available in two sizes that with different folding fit the covers perfectly (and last longer).

One of the things that I love about the Bambino Mio diaper system is just how slim fitting these diapers are, true as you move up to a bigger prefold there is a little more bulk but they fit very appropriately. The patterns are adorable and easily gender neutral without being boring. The nappies (or prefolds) are super soft and my husband's favorite of our prefold stash. The gussets are incredible and we have yet to have a leak or explosion and I doubt we will. 

Bambino Mio has only recently been introduced to the US market as it is an Italian English company that does fairly well on the other side of the pond. [edited to add: Don't believe everything a shop owner tells you! They are not Italian, but English. Regall Lager set me straight!] 

 the company, in contrary to what you would think (!) is English. They started the business in England, married couple, first running a diaper service for many years, then starting to produce a more complete system and for consumers other than those using the diaper service. They had small children, and that was the motivation to come up with a good cloth diapering system. They have grown in popularity I the last 12 years and they have been market leaders in England for several years, and are close to be in France and Italy. The system is sold in most countries in Europe. Totally 71 countries are selling the system.

 What is fascinating to me is that Bambino Mio provides an entire system that has everything you could need for cloth diapering your child from birth to potty training. They are the only company that I know of that provides it all. You can even buy a kit that will get you from Birth to Potty Training in diapers. I think that the products that Bambino Mio offers are incredible as well as cute. 

Bambino Mio offers:
Swim Nappies
Training Pants
Mio Liners
Muslin Squares
Mio Fresh Nappy Cleanser
Mio Wipes
Nappy Bucket
Laundry Bag
Nappy Bag

The only problems that I have had with these diapers is something that could easily be fixed with a renovation. No longer will AppleBlossom wearing these during all day, for instance if she is crawling or very active the velcro will turn inward and she'll rub her belly. But they are great for calmer times or naptime. There are no laundry tabs for washing, so I have to be very alert to refasten the Velcro to the front of the diaper to avoid a Velcro war in the wash. When there is a messy diaper, or a fidgety baby this can be a bit of a bother. The other issue is that after a few months the inside of the cover seems to crack a little (like an old t-shirt's logo). But having on the one diaper that is washed in every load has given it a lot of wear and tear. Even with these issues, they are great diapers and I highly recommend them! 

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