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Pumpkin Pants Review (SALE!!) #clothdiapers

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Are you loving Etsy as much as I am? I helped my mother start up an Etsy Shop for embroidery and gifts and started searching all around at different shops. Then through the influence of my friend Lindsey, I found Pumpkin Pants and I am in love.

Right now, one of our nighttime go-to diapers are our Kissaluvs fitted diapers. We use different covers including our Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in Medium (review to come of the Super Stars), but with these on she can never seem to move just right. Not even to mention the issue of snap pressure marks or velcro rubbing. Recently she has taken to rolling over on her belly, then waking up because she is stuck and screaming. During the day, she is able to roll over, and mostly roll back, but with all the bulk at night with the covers restricting her movement she just cannot do it. Plus, the PUL covers are not exactly cozy. Enter Pumpkin Pants.

Pumpkin Pants are made of fleece and they are oh so soft and fuzzy. They come in a plethora of fabrics and custom requests are invited. Jenoa has sets ready to go and will also work with you to get the perfect fit. *Thanks to Jenoa of Pumpkin Pants for providing a pair of Kaleidoscope Fleece Soaker/Diaper Cover and a Sketched Floral Longies/Fleece Pants for review.* Just spending time browsing through all the options of fabric prints I am plotting a to-buy list. (Can I just have one of everything please?) As you can see I chose some girlie prints (and the additional models did too), but she has boy worthy prints as well including a few things like Jungle Animals, Sharks, and Outerspace.

These soaker covers aren't just for cloth diapering mama's!
Super cuddly fleece fits nice and snug around baby's legs and waist to prevent leaks over fitted or prefold diapers. Fleece doesn't absorb liquid, it repels it. This cover will keep your baby dry on the outside, and thus your lap dry! There is an extra layer of protection in the crotch.

I gave Jenoa AppleBlossom's measurements and she worked with me to figure out the perfect size and these fit as if they were made for her. I asked her to leave the longies long, and that we would roll them up if need be so she would have some space to grow in them and they are fabulous. They are so soft that I have to fight with AppleBlossom to put them on and not just let her snuggle with them.

Buy it!!
Check out all the different patterns and cuteness available at the Pumpkin Pants Shop. Soakers cost just $6.50 a pair and that's definitely a deal. Then with longies at $9.00 with an additional dollar for XL sizes there are no excuses not to invest in some of these fuzzy covers.

***BIG BIG SALE!! We will be moving shortly, and I really need to de-stash some discontinued prints or limited quantities. Now is the time to build you stash by scoring a great deal!
Here's how it works: Buy any 3 regular price diaper covers/longies/skirties, or $20 worth of any combination of items (before shipping) and then choose the FREE soaker you would like. All the free soakers are located under the Buy 3 get 1 free section in my shop. Simple, right? Enjoy! oh, sale is a limited time only, so get while the getting is good =)***

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Lindsey said...

I love Pumpkin Pants! I have several soakers and I love love love their longies! The skirties are new to me - oh my word, I'm going to need some. :-)

Thanks for the sale alert! I'm going to make an order after I'm moved.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

They're already a great price, and then a sale on top of that? Just too nice.

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