Thursday, April 1, 2010

Product Review:

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A couple months ago, I wrote about how we had discovered and fallen in love with Avent Contemporary Freeflow Soothers Pacifiers for AppleBlossom. It just so happens that at six and a half months we are ready to get her some of the next size. Originially, we bought the 0-6 month sizes and now just bought some 6-18 month. It is great to see the new patterns and to see her curiosity at inspecting them. It's really cute. If I can get a picture I will show you what I mean. If you missed my original post, you can go back and read it here.

The reason I am bringing up that old post about the pacifiers is not only because we just bought some more, but through ChicExecs I found and they have some personalized pacifiers made of the Avent Soothers!! I was so excited and requested them right away. sent AppleBlossom a pair of Avent Soothers in pink and purple with "AppleBlossom" personalized on the front. They are so cute!

When I first heard about the idea of personalized pacifiers, I thought it was neat, but not really for us, because I was so in love with the Avent Soothers and I did not want to have to compromise to whatever shell the personalized pacifier would be. When I found out that they were able to do it on an Avent shell I was ridiculously ecstatic!!

Personally, I think would be the perfect place to get a baby shower gift. Putting a name, or nickname (in our case) or phrase on the pacifier making it just perfect and appropriate for the recipient. They were shipped and arrived very quickly, and though it is more expensive that just going to the local baby store and buying a set these pacifiers will never be confused with someone else and they are quite the luxury baby item with the personalization. (Plus, I got a color that you cannot find around here!!!)
You choose the name or text and we'll permanently engrave it on the pacifier. The permanent engraving ensures that it can?t be worn off and will continue to look good, even after repeated sterilizations.
I absolutely love them and will definitely not hesitate to buy more. Next purchase I think I will get some with Enginerd's nickname for her "Spider Monkey". Ooohh... I wonder if "Enginerd's Spider Monkey" would fit??

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Another thing that I enjoyed is that has a page with lots of links with information about pacifiers in general. I found this to be great. See it here.

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