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Product Review: @Bummis Super Star Print Covers (limited edition Super Whisper Wrap) #clothdiapers

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In case you have not heard me say it before. I love Bummis. I love everything there is about Bummis.  In detail here, I explain what all I love about the Bummis prefold and cover cloth diapering system. Today I just want to tell you, eight months later I still love Bummis. 

The Super Whisper Wraps are my favorite. The Super Brite Wraps are nice, but they just aren't quite the same to me. The prints available in the SWW are so much more exciting and I prefer the inner cover layer over the wipe-able water proof material. These covers are a much better fit than the others I have tried, such as Thirsties or Polar Babies (not to be confused with Polar Bummis which I have no personal experience with).

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

This is a state of the art Aplix-closing cover made from a super resistant waterproof laminate sandwiched between two layers of a soft polyester knit. Attractive and comfortable, this fabric can withstand even the rigors of industrial washing and drying. The generous cut of this cover makes it suitable for any type of prefold or fitted diaper.
Special features of the Super Whisper Wrap:
  • Very adjustable. The Aplix closures have an innovative overlap design that ensures a custom fit on any baby.
  • A durable, heavy-duty elastic around legs and tummy which will not wear out with repeated industrial washes.
  • Soft, smooth polyester knit bindings for a comfortable, stretchy fit, and a leakproof seal.
7-10 lbs 8.5-15 lbs 15-30 lbs 30-40 lbs 40+ lbs
*(X-Large is available in White only}

*Thanks to I was able to try out some medium sized Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers in their limited edition print Super Stars Yellow and Sage.* Knowing how much we loved the small sized SWW I was already certain that we would absolutely love the mediums.

I knew that I would love them, but never how much! These prints are so darling cute in person, even better than the photos! The only problem that I have had in the past with the SWW is that there were not enough choices in prints for my taste. When I found out about the Super Star Prints I was so excited! Now after seeing them in person I am in complete love! Using colors such as sage green and yellow these are great covers for any baby girl or boy. Had these been available when AppleBlossom was smaller I would have dived into buy them then. I still consider getting smalls for the next time around... maybe... 

Super Stars - Limited Edition Super Whisper Wraps!

Sage Stars. Sage Stars on White, Lemon Stars & Lemon Stars on White

These are available for a limited time only, so get them while you can! In the fabric and style of our best-selling Super Whisper Wrap, these two-tone star prints are really too darn cute!

These are my favorite prints of diaper covers and I really do love them and highly recommend them. If you go buy some, get them from and you'll not beat the customer service. Never had we had a leak and they have aged very well over the months. The cousin of these diapers the Super Snaps are my SisterL's favorite diaper cover as you can see here and the only thing that would make her happier would be to have Super Snaps in the prints that you find with these fabulous SWW *hint hint*!!

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