Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guest Review & my thoughts: Maire

Maire: Fires of Gleannmara

A fanciful, romantic tale of passion and faith that invites readers to the "God-graced mountains and plains" of Ireland. Maire, Gleannmara's warrior queen, finds her fierce heart is gentled when she takes a reformed mercenary -- a Christian, no less -- as hostage during a raid. At first she wonders what kind of God would make a fine warrior like Rowan of Emerys such a coward. But as she comes to know Rowan and witnesses the force of his beliefs, she learns that meekness and humility to the one true God are stronger than any blade of steel. And in the process, Maire discovers the transforming power of love and faith.
I was not pleased with this book. Maybe I didn't know what I was
expecting, but I kept turning the pages hoping to find something I
liked. The only part I respected was the Wedding Consummate scene and
how he respected her. I have the following 2 books in the series but
do not plan on reading them anytime soon. I give this book 1 out of 5

Amy K.

This is a good strong Christian woman kicks butt type of book. A good one to read when you need to feel the strength of our female ancestors once again.
I enjoyed this first one, but it was definitely a longer read than what I'm used to. I have the second one and was rather upset with the Biblical errors. I think if a book is going to be Biblical fiction they should just their quotes, etc.

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