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Guest Review & my thoughts: Ten Thousand Charms

Ten Thousand Charms (Crossroads of Grace #1)

Ten Thousand Charms, Crossroads of Grace Series #1

By: Allison K. Pittman

Unfit for Love?

Pregnant—by a man who will never know or care. Gloria, born into a life of prostitution, sees only one solution: get rid of the child. But then she meets John William MacGregan, a miner, left with a newborn daughter and no one to care for her when his wife died during childbirth. So John and Gloria strike a deal. Gloria will care for Kate, and John will eventually raise her son. There is no offer of, nor seeking for, a hand in marriage. When John leaves the mines to seek his fortune in the new Oregon Territory , Gloria, Kate, and baby Danny must go with him. Yanked away from a life of prostitution, Gloria must finally face the pain that has always plagued her, and her longings for a home, a family, and a life free from shame. Ten Thousand Charms is a beautiful tale of an empty heart floundering…and falling straight into the arms of Christ.

A woman with no future.

A man with no hope.

A God who knows the key to their deepest need lies in each other…

Wyoming Territories, 1860. Gloria is in trouble. A mining camp is a merciless place when you’re young, pregnant…and a prostitute. No matter. Life will not defeat her.

John William McGregan is in despair. His beloved wife died in childbirth. And while John is a resourceful man, raising an infant daughter on his own seems impossible.

Thrown together by a seemingly cruel fate, Gloria and John William make a pact: She will nurse his daughter; he will raise her son. Neither asks for marriage. They are joined by necessity, nothing more.

But after a move to the new Oregon territory, facing John William’s faith day after day, and receiving an older woman’s motherly mentoring, Gloria longs for something more. For the love she’s been denied all her life. If only that life hadn’t made her unfit, not only for John William…but for God.

Then tragedy strikes—making even the resolute John William question his faith. Terrified, Gloria turns to the One she has never been able to trust. But can even God save what now means more to Gloria than life itself: her newfound family?

I read this series back to back so the books are kind of blurring together.

I truly enjoyed the storyline, very well written, and thought out. I loved how each of her prostitute friends had their own quirks, and personalities. it made them easy to remember who was who. especially in later books.

I was newly pregnant while reading these and wondered to myself if I could do what Gloria did. Even in fiction, God truly works wonders in peoples hearts.

5 out of 5 stars. I loved these books.

Amy K.

Another Historical Christian Fiction about a prostitute, but unlike any other. This story is based in the northwest of the United States and brings together a very unlikely list of characters that as a reader you come to understand and find little ways to relate to. This is a good read, it is for a mature audience, however.

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