Friday, November 20, 2009

Product Spotlight: Baby Animals Nesting Blocks

Thanks to my friend Julie J. we have a set of these great Baby Animals Nesting Blocks for AppleBlossom to grow into. I love the potential for learning with these using the varying animals and the board book with ABCs. Another favorite part is how the go all right back into the package and travel so easily.

From the Experts at ebeanstalk...

Why we love it

We tested lots of soft nesting & stacking blocks and these are the best! They are beautifully made and super soft for baby′s delicate hands. They are durable blocks that help very young children learn to stack items on top of each other, then nest inside of each other; big to small! Later on these blocks and the board book will help your child learn his/her alphabet. These are more than just blocks, they′re educational baby toys! Did we mention they′re fun too?


This fantastic set of educational toys is very soft and super cuddly. These unique nesting blocks also include a first-learning board-book filled with the charming illustrations from Susan Winget. DIMENSIONS: 6" X 5.5" X 5"

Another great toy that is ebeanstalk approved!

  • As far as baby toys go, these soft, cuddly Baby Animals Nesting Blocks are a perfect first step for your little one to learn his/her ABCs and about Baby Animals. At first take the blocks out and let your child explore each one. Though each has a different size and picture, they all have a quited texture.
  • Sit on the floor with your baby and build a tower together. Then, begin the countdown and let him/her knock it down. 3-2-1!
  • Demonstrate for your child how the blocks nestle inside of each other. They sort of “disappear” but then reappear. This teaches object permanence and begins to show size relationships. The large block holds the block of the next size down.
  • Little fingers will enjoy turning the pages as you read the ABC board book that is included with the blocks.
  • As you read through the book, have your child pick up the block that goes with the page in the book.

  • Age: Newborns+ (Target Age: 9 months)

    Target Age

    Children grow and learn at different speeds. This item can be enjoyed by younger and older children depending on their interests and abilities.

    The Target Age is the time most children START enjoying this toy, game or book as determined by our Child-Experts.

    Please be aware of small-part warnings when choosing toys for younger children.

    Brand: WJ Fantasy

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