Friday, November 13, 2009

Product Review: Bravado Bras

About mid pregnancy, one of the first things that I noticed about my changing shape was that I could not comfortably wear my current bras. Suddenly, my body was a stranger to me. It was a bit of a bummer too, because just a month or two earlier, DH had splurged on some great Victoria Secret for me. *sigh* Enough of that. I spoke to my SisterL (the first source for all things pregnancy) and she suggested that I look into Bravado Bras and nothing else. I also spoke to my friend and at that time fairly new Mama Lindsey and she said the one thing she regretted was not purchasing quality nursing bras. So right then, mid pregnancy, I did the research and splurged on two fabulous Bravado Nursing Bras that I have worn through out my entire pregnancy and also my first almost three months of nursing mama-hood and I have only positive things to say.

It was about three months ago, when I emailed the Bravado Customer Service for some images and they probably think this review is never coming, but even in the business I think of how much I love these bras and by word of mouth have told many friends about them. Personally, I need to get some more!

The first bra is the Bravado Original in Bamboo.

The second choice I made was for the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.

I bought the original in bamboo at the same price as the cotton as was super excited. The only option was white, but that really does not bother me. One of the best things about the Bravado Designs ( website is their information and advice pages. The topic of "Whose breasts are these?!" is completely unique and so true every word (and emotion) of the pregnant woman. Since I was mid pregnancy, I bought the Original in my current size and then went for the approximate suggestion of postpartum size for the Body Silk Seamless. Both of them I could wear right away. Sleeping in them is quite comfortable too. To be honest, I was one of those people where when I was out about for the day, I looked forward to getting home and going braless for a while. Nothing was every very comfortable and always annoying. (Now that you know too much about me...)

The Original is so attractive. During my entire pregnancy it was practically my go-to bra. For whatever reason, I guess to show off the sudden cleavage, pregnancy tops almost always are low cut. (Completely annoying and not attractive in my opinion!) With the Original Bravado, I was able to wear practically any shirt that had been a no go for me before with only the Motherhood Sleeping Bras (my other pregnancy/nursing bra stash). The shape is smooth and flattering and the ease of one-hand snapping and un-snapping is unbeatable. The support for these, I swear they are not the ones I remember, is great and very comfortable. I really need more.

The Body Silk Seamless Bravado is fabulous. I was so certain that the bigger size was going to envelope me, but it did not. It fit right away. Now on the days where I'm very ready to nurse that screaming starving child this bra is the best and most comfortable, where the smaller size of the Original, which is great most of the time, just does not quite cut it as enough coverage. The shape is very flattering and the support is great. In the later months of pregnancy and postpartum, this has by fair become my favorite bra. This bra comes with inserts to protect your shape and give you coverage. With or without them, either way works for me. I just plain love this bra. The price makes it harder for me to stock my drawer with these, but oh if the gift cards would head this way. (Keep that in mind for your baby showers, you need new clothes just as much as the baby does!)

Both bras are very comfortable and attractive. The only draw backs in my opinion are the price, but that's just economics. All and all, they are worth every single penny! Speaking of saving a buck. Head on over to right now and get FREE shipping using a special free shipping discount code. Tell them to enter FS-101 at checkout.

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Lindsey said...

Awesome! I'm going to have to try one of these next time I get pregnant - especially the bamboo bra! I bought cheap bras when I was pregnant and they never lasted, and were never comfortable.

Thanks for the review!

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