Monday, January 11, 2010

Product Review: No Slippy Hair Clippy

The second thing that we absolutely loved to use over our Christmas holidays and is now a daily necessity, in addition to the Dropper Stopper, are our No Slippy Hair Clippys. *Thanks to MaryLenore of BopStarPR for providing some samples for review.* We were in love at first sight!  

The one comment that people always make when they see our AppleBlossom is, "Look at all that hair!" It is followed with my stating that, "Oh yes, she was born with it all." Then the comments on the bows and how precious, cute, adorable, beautiful and so on that they are. It is so true. Our AppleBlossom was born with a full head of long hair for a baby girl and we treasure it. Although it has changed from being darker than my own, to now being a very ginger auburn much like her daddy's beard, she has plenty of it. It is so long in the front that it goes down past her eyelashes. 

So we are left with a few options. Hair cut. WHAT?! The Mama swipe over of bangs. Every five minutes. Or our fabulous No Slippy Hair Clippy. Really, the options are non existent. *grin* 

No Slippy Hair Clippy are hair clips that don't fall out!! Award winning non-slip hair products designed and manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality materials and featuring the finest craftsmanship.

We were blessed to give a test run to a few different clips and headbands. If AppleBlossom had been a baldy baby, I'm sure she would have worn the headbands from the start. As it is we're always using the clips and often forget the headbands until a clip is in place. But we still love them! 

What I love about the Hair Clippy collections is that there are so many to choose from! There are cute every outfit clips and formal clips and seasonal clips. There are bows and flowers as well as novelties and others. I love our NSHCs and cannot wait to add more. Right now I am vying for a red clip, I just need to decide what I want. With all the styles and colors, it is near impossible to not find a clip that would be perfect for any occasion. 

These clips really are fabulous. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and have many times. They are very well made and never come out on their own (little fingers work them out or rolling about can too). I am very happy with them and cannot wait to get more. I am a little frightened though, adding to this collection may become very addicting.

And this is what happens with DH in charge of wardrobe... At least with the headband you know she is a girl. Silly daddy..

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Another awesome thing is the relationship of pediped with NSHC... The third thing that I could not have lived without over the holidays and now practically daily are AppleBlossom's pedipeds! More information on that to come soon...

Mama... where's my clip?

5 comments and creative thoughts:

Julie J. said...

Oh MJ, she's just so precious!!! She is getting so big!! I love the look on her face in the pic with the rose outfit picture perfect!! Enjoy her as I know you are!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Julie - Just wait until tomorrow's WW post.

Lindsey said...

Oh, these are so cute! And so is your little one! :-) They look like they stay in really well.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

They do stay in, it as to do with special swiss velvet and magnet. :)

Carmen7351 said...

You have one of the cutest babies I've seen. She looks a lot like you. These pics are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

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