Sunday, September 20, 2009

Product Review: Advent Contemporary Freeflow Soothers

Before AppleBlossom was born, a friend asked if I wanted a "Georgia Tech binky". I told her we were not going to use pacifiers. I did not want my daughter addicted to those or to mess up her teeth etc. Well, she thought otherwise...

My daughter, 7 weeks old yesterday is exclusively breastfeed and is a chewer. She constantly wants to move her jaw and suck on something. Sometimes her hand, but sometimes it has to be a pacifier and nothing else will do. At first I was very opposed to pacifiers, but in one of those something has to soothe her moments we tried a pacifier that we had been given at the baby shower. It was a miracle. The only problem was she sucked so hard that when she would finally give it up the entire area around her lips was really red and moist from the suction being so tight.

These Advent Freeflow Soothers Pacifiers are really great. She can suck on it just as hard and long and there is no redness and no trapped moisture on her sensitive facial skin. I love it! They are cute too. The ring is just large enough that I lace it over my finger and not worry about dropping it while picking her up or moving about. They also come with a case that fits the two pair so that it can go in a bag and each individual pacifier has a clip on cover to protect the nipple from getting dirty as well. This is something I love and the reason we were initially looking in the pacifier section. I am very glad that I found these and plan to get her a few more (we do have the green/lavender pair). The price was about a dollar more than other sets of two, but with the airflow holes and the protection pieces and case, it is more than worth that extra dollar. I highly recommend these!

Oh, and they are silicone and made in England, not China. *grin*

Product Features

  • Contemporary designs in assorted colors
  • Curved shield with extra vents promotes air circulation
  • Odorless, tasteless silicone nipples
  • Symmetrical design ensures proper development of teeth and gums
  • Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range: 0-6m

AVENT orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples respect the natural development of baby's palate, teeth and gums . All AVENT pacifiers are made of silicone and are taste and odour-free. Colours are subject to change.

Orthodontic nipple

Orthodontic, symmetrical collapsible nipple

Flat, drop-shaped symmetrical nipples respect the natural development of your baby's palate, teeth and gums, even if the pacifier ends up upside-down in the mouth.

Odourless and taste-free

User-friendly silicone teats

Silicone is taste and odor-free so it's more likely to be accepted by your baby.


Snap-on protective cap

To keep sterilized teats hygienic.


Security ring handle

For easy removal of the pacifier at any time.

2 comments and creative thoughts:

TeamOSM said...

My friend Stephanie was adamantly against pacifiers until her daughter was born. =D

I always felt like babies have a natural desire to suck, so we used the Playtex Ortho Pro pacis for awhile. Once it got to be a problem (waking from naps because the paci fell out, and not being able to go back to sleep), we weaned him from it (around 12 weeks). It took three days, and he now sucks his tongue to soothe before passing out. =)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

His tongue or thumb? She sometimes will suck her thumb or fist, but then flails and is not yet aware that she is the one that took it away from herself.

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