Friday, July 4, 2008

Garner, Massey, and Martin Genealogy

This morning when I woke up, I had a unrealistic urge to go visit relatives. Isn't that normal for the fourth of July? Well, I wanted to go visit some that remember why the fourth of July is so important. So, I begged and pleaded until the hubby consented, and we went cemetery hopping!

First, we went in search of a cousin or uncle, it's uncertain, but I guess right now it doesn't matter much anyway, because we couldn't find him. Then, we went on and I was able to be introduced for the first time to James Garner and his Glencoe, Scotland born wife Mary Brice. They are buried in a family cemetery right off of Oleander Ln at the intersection of Oleander Dr. in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Mary and James are my great great great great (count them, four) grandparents. There I was also able to see a great great great uncle and many children and some unknown-to-me graves.

After saying our goodbyes, and well wishes to Mary and James, we went to see their son Jimmy, also a known as a James Garner in the Shady Ln Garner Family Cemetery. Located on the west side of Shady Dr. at the intersection of East Forks Shady in Lilburn, GA. This is a cemetery that I first visited this year in February with a cousin. Apparently I have gone many times as a child, but do not remember them. Here lies my great great great grandfather James ("Jimmy") Garner, his wife Margarett Lanier, his son/my great great grandfather James Andrew ("Andy") Garner, his wife Emily Alice ("Alice") Massey, their son/my great grandfather James Samuel ("Sam") Garner, and his wife Bonnie Dean Wimpee. There were also four of Andy's sons and some of his siblings. There is other family there as well.

After doing some thinking about how to clean up the cemetery, and making mental list of what needs to be accomplished, we then journeyed onto a new site, the Bethesda United Methodist Church cemetery. Here for the first time, I was able to meet Samuel ("Sam") and Frances ("Fannie") G. Martin as well as their daughter Elizabeth ("Betsy") Martin who and her husband William Alton Massey. We had already visited their daughter earlier, Alice Massey, my great great grandmother. We also discovered many aligned unmarked stones and wooden crosses that I can only assume are from the revolutionary and/or civil war. We also found many more Martin and Massey graves to current day times meaning there are more cousins out there to meet! It makes me curious about that boy I went to school with in sixth grade, his last name was Massey...

Once we thoroughly ran throughout the church cemetery looking for more Martin's, Massey's, or Garner's we decided to head on toward home. Along the way, we made one last stop to see Sampson and Margaret Lanier, the parents of Margarett Lanier who married Jimmy Garner. Making them, my great great great great grandparents.

It was quite a day, and with sunshine and rain, it was very hot! But I got in some good time with the ancestors and made some pictures and records, so I'm happy. :) (I do have a million other pictures, but not all so great, and blogger is not behaving soo.... sorry!)

Ancestors I saw today:
Great x4 Grandmother Mary Brice Garner b. 30 Nov 1793 Glencoe, Scotland d. 21 Jul 1879
Great x4 Grandfather James Garner b. 25 Aug 1795, d. 15 Oct 1869
Great x3 Grandfather James ("Jimmy") Garner b. 27 Nov 1820 Union Co., SC, USA d. 20 Feb 1893 Gwinnett Co., GA
Great x3 Grandmother Margarett Lanier Garner b. 15 Dec 1824 d. 18 Nov 1900
Great x2 Grandfather James Andrew ("Andy") Garner b. 11 Nov 1854 Gwinnett Co., GA d. 10 Mar 1931 Rome, Floyd Co., GA
Great x2 Grandmother Emily Alice ("Alice") Massey Garner b. 10 Jun 1854 Gwinnett Co., GA d. 8 Oct 1930 Milner, GA
Great Grandfather Dr. James Samuel ("Sam") Garner b. 6 Nov 1879 Gwinnett Co., GA d. 16 Apr 1952 Floyd Co., GA
Great Grandmother Bonnie Dean Wimpee Garner b. 5 Jul 1898 d. 17 May 1972 Floyd Co., GA
Great x3 Grandfather William Alton Massey b. 11 Dec 1808 d. 25 Jan 1884
Great x3 Grandfather Elizabeth ("Betsy") Martin Massey b. 16 Mar 1818 d. 22 Mar 1863
Great x4 Grandfather Samuel ("Sam") Martin b. 1 May 1795 d. 21 May 1872
Great x4 Grandmother Frances ("Fannie") Gilmer Martin b. 4 Jul 1799 d. 10 Oct 1880
Great x4 Grandfather Sampson Lanier b. 26 Nov 1787 d. 2 Aug 1825
Great x4 Grandmother Margaret [?] Lanier b. 20 Jan 1793 d. 26 Mar 1867[?]

I may have met the Massey Great x4 Grandparents, but right now I'm unsure as to who they are... yet to be determined. I believe it is Abraham and Betsy Harris Martin, but I did not see them to my knowledge today. (They are suppose to be there... but with that old of stones, they may be unreadable). I need to discover where George Washington and Sarah Frances Echols Wimpee are buried as well as their ancestors. Other than that... I think I did pretty well on this line today.

What do you think?


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