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CSFF Blog Tour: DragonLight Day 2

Day TWO, of the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour for creative Fantasy Author Donita K. Paul's newest book #5 DragonLight. Look at yesterday's Day 1 post for a start. Today, I want to wet your appetite just a little further with my thoughts on book #2 DragonQuest. I liked this book even more than DragonSpell!

The ending of this book is absolutely fabulous! And as for the rest of the book, not too far off either. I was not able to read this book through as fast as I would like, as I was interrupted by a million different things. Yet, I'm so glad I was able to read it. Donita Paul really knows how to tell a story. Some characters you think you know until you don't, and it is in an amazing way that you didn't see coming. One of the things that she has put into her good vs. evil I have recently seen in a new book up and coming Beyond the Reflection's Edge by Bryan Davis. It is amazing how things of the devil can look so much like the wonders of God, until you really look at them and see what they are made of fully.

This book continues right after where the first DragonSpell ended. But here, you get more characters added into this wonderful assortment of personalities. I love the wizards! There is adventure, and this is quite the comfy entertaining story without a worry in the world, unless you consider the mordalkeeps, and bisonbecks, or the other creatures that want to turn you over to the evil wizard Risto and keep you from realizing the truth and power of Paladin and Wulder. *sigh* The message here is so complete, and just in a form that is needed. This book will be great for kids, and prompt the right questions and a great direction for life.

Highly recommended for people in all places of life!

Also, today I'd like to tell you a little bit about this beloved authoress. For all her readers, Donita has one main wish. "I hope it gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you're done. I love books like that. I don't want to feel stuffed, just pleasingly satisfied." Isn't that the way we all feel? I'm a book-a-holic, have you seen the rest of my blog? Yeah, anyway, Donita's books are some that you can dive into her world and grow and learn with her characters and when you leave back into reality you take a little bit of "learning" with you forever. (I know I have - Wulder is much on my mind). But as to the actual person of Donita Kate Paul, she was once a school teacher, then went on to homeschool, her children and even after retirement cannot get away from her love of teaching and mentoring to all ages, especially children. She found after full retirement that she needed to find another way to teach and inspire, and that she did with her career as a beloved and famous authoress for all ages to adore, and thus was born the DragonKeeper Chronicles.

Come back tomorrow for a peek into the first chapter of DragonLight, and a brief synopsis on the other books in the series, and well as some really informative information on just how neat of a place the DragonKeeper Chronicles website really is to play!

At present, our schedule for the coming months is as follows:

* July – Donita Paul, DragonLight (fantasy)
* August – Sigmund Brouwer, Broken Angel (adult suspense/fantasy)
* September – Marcher Lord Press
* October – Bryan Davis, Beyond the Reflection’s Edge (YA science fantasy) (Click the title to see my review and a first chapter look at the fabulous book!)
* November – John Olson, Shade (dark fantasy – tentative)
* December – Lost Genre Guild website

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great posts, both yesterday and today. You give your visitors ample reason to check out these books. Great job. And the contest too! Put my name in since I can't exactly enter my own. hehehe.


Donita K. Paul said...

thanks! I enjoyed reading your comments. I don't know that your type of enthusiasm keeps me at the keyboard when I'd rather go pop popcorn, or read a book, or watch a movie, or all there AT ONCE.

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