Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck: a review

Sweet Caroline Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck

My review

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Sweet Caroline is quite the book, and she is quite the person. She is a normal human being, in a normal life. Tough decisions need to be made, and only Christ knows if she is making the right choices. This book grips your heart and doesn't let it go. I love it from the heart-head-ear conversations to the screaming in my head what I thought she should do. :) This story of a girl in her late twenties growing up is something that anyone could benefit from reading. Caroline's situations remind me of some of Jane Austen's tales, where you really want it to end one way, but with more thought you want it how it is, and then you go back to the other. Over all this book was a comfy read and caused more giggles and grins that I care to admit. The whole cast of characters was a hoot and found a warm place in my heart. I cannot wait to read more through Love Starts with Elle. Rachel Hauck has a real winner here and I'm definitely putting her future books on my TBR lists.

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