Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quilting and more quilting

So, for the most part, people who know I quilt have probably been curious about the blog just being books books books and more books, so I finally got some pictures taken, and wanted to share some quilts.

Hershey slept "on" it for a while, and then decided that today we must do some quilting...

One project that is in progress, is almost half way there, and that would be my BOM (Block of the month, fyi) from Quilts and Fixins for 2008, Batik Stars.

I'm really having a difficulty posting with pictures, and putting in text, so here I will go ahead and tell you about what's below.

The first image is the Quilt Shop's final BOM quilt, after that are the individual blocks for January through June. (I just made June today!) The next two pictures, I just threw all the blocks down so that you could see the colors together. This quilt is actually my first attempt at working with batiks, and I'm quite enjoying myself. :) The next image after that is a basic lay out of how the blocks will be, once I get in the sashing and cornerstone stars. The last picture is the fabric for the main border, the cornerstone triangles, and the sashing and cornerstone stars. Isn't it pretty???

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Other projects that I'm working on are: my green living room quilt that is a version of a split rail fence made in all "love"ly greens.

There is my hubby's flutterby quilt...

There is my PJ quilt, click on Peggy Barkle in the tags for more info... It's sandwiched, and in the process of being hand quilting.

And then there are my fat quarter quilts... My ice cream social, yet to be renamed...

This one is my pastel delight.. ooh, now that'd make an interesting name for it... hmm... Well anyway, you can see the different colors that will make the various square and diamond illusions here...

This is what each completed block will be, or at least a version of it... It's incredible just how long it takes to sew all these little guys together too!

...and my "Turning Twenty and He Loves Me" just awaiting it's border.

That's basically all... for right now anyway. Well, there is this other quilt in process, but it's a gift for my mama, so I cannot show it here. She knows it exists, but nothing of it design-wise. So, shhh!


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