Monday, July 7, 2008

Romancing Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson: a review

Yes, that's right... I have already read it! It read it non stop from when it entered my hands. It's just that fun!!!

Romancing Hollywood Nobody (Hollywood Nobody #3) Romancing Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

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Romancing Hollywood Nobody definitely does live up to par with the other Hollywood Nobodies, and in a way it's better. You could read it alone, but I strongly suggest starting with Hollywood Nobody and then reading Finding Hollywood Nobody before Romancing Hollywood Nobody.

In the previous books, Lisa Samson has told some pretty good lessons in between some fabulous teenage humor. Starting with Scotty as a barely teen and now having her at seventeen is fun to grow with her. This book does have some "Ugh, what an idiot!" moments, but the best part to me, was about half way through, when I was like, "Oh, Wow. That makes sense." Really, it made me think of the times when you are sitting in church and all of the sudden what you are hearing in the sermon just clicks. That is what Lisa did with this story and it was so entertaining to boot!

I got the book in my hands at 3:00pm and took a break when the hubby came home at 6:30, but otherwise read almost straight through until I finished a little before 9:00pm. I think that is what you would call a "page turner" and one that I could just "not put down." I definitely recommend Hollywood Nobody. Even boys will enjoy and benefit from the story. There is no age limit on Hollywood Nobody, it's for all who need a comfy faintly romantic read.

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