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A Promise to Believe In by Tracie Peterson: a review

A Promise to Believe In (Brides of Gallatin County, Book #1) A Promise to Believe In by Tracie Peterson

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Absolutely the very best that I have read from Tracie Peterson so far. "A Promise to Believe In" is creative, moving, funny, adventurous, and endearing. I just loved it. It had all of the elements that I have come to love of historical novels from Tracie Peterson.

In many historicals, a reader can find a novel telling the story of three characters, in this case sisters, and then the next two books in the trilogy will continue the story of a different character. This is the first book that I have read that I knew was more about one sister than the others, but it did not feel that way. I got some insight and background on each sister and was feeling for them and loving them all from the beginning in different ways, yet not more than the other. It makes me even more excited for the continuing books that I would have been otherwise.

Gwen Gallatin learns or at least God attempts to put her in positions to learn of his love and grace and this book is a fabulous tool to learn some pure motives to check your own thoughts and opinions of yourself and those around you.

An absolutely pleasure filled read full of the glory and grace of God in the characters and their actions. I can definitely see a continuing story building of how good will triumph in the name of God. Keep the books coming Tracie, I want more!!

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Amy K said...

I loved this book, too, and can't wait for more. I don't like sequels/series published so far apart, you forget everything by then and your passion for reading it is diminished. Authors: write quicker, please!

Lindsey said...

I commented on this in GoodReads already, but just wanted to say again I love the way you reviewed this book, telling the message, how it affected you, etc. :-)

God bless!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I agree Ames!

Linds, thanks for commenting/noticing how I review books. This is what I try to always do. To really tell why I personally loved or whatever emotion, felt about a book. I want people to have a reason to read it from my experience, not just another synopsis that you can find anywhere you know?

What completely drives me crazy, on goodreads, not individual blogs. Is where people put in the back cover blurb for their review. That is already in the description box and it is ridiculous to repeat it on the same page!!

I also do not like spoilers very much. I feel that in most cases that will mess up a story reading experience for me and quite literally spoil the effect that the story would have had.

You know??

kalea_kane said...

Wonderful review. I agree with Lindsey, you have a wonderful way of reviewing. I agree with you too...I do not like spoilers. I want to know if a person liked it and why, but why doesn't mean you have to tell the story. I have to say that I have typically stumbled on great reviews, but it wasn't always the case.

Thanks again! I will definite put this on my list.


bdavidson said...

I have just bumped this book to next-in-line after my current read! I'm looking forward to getting into it! I thought you might be interested to know that Tracie will be chatting live on January 7 at 2 pm EST. If you want to join, go to

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