Monday, December 8, 2008


All last week, this week, and next week I am substituting. It is really an amazing experience and I love each and every minute that I am there. Does that make me odd? It is a small Classical Christian School called Providence Christian School in Oxford, Georgia.

Our goal at Providence is to provide a Christ-centered education using classical methodology that is characterized by the highest standards of academic scholarship and Christian character. We strive to partner with our parents in raising students fully committed to the Lord, who maintain a biblical worldview, who have a desire to be lifelong learners, and are equipped with the “tools” of learning, which will prepare them for success in whatever the Lord calls them.

Providence Christian School's campus is in east metro Atlanta. Centrally located near Covington, Providence currently offers education in Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary through 10th grade to the Newton, Rockdale, and Walton communities. Our plans include adding a grade annually until we graduate our first accredited class in 2010.

Providence Christian School is a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

Accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC).

When Daniel and I first moved out here (east of Atlanta), I discovered the idea of teaching and researched every private school for 20 miles in all directions. I stumbled across Providence's website and made a phone call and connections from there. It has been just over a year that I have made myself available as a substitute teacher for the school and I love it.

Read about the school vision by clicking here. Then read more about what is "Classical Christian Education" over here.

Although working as a substitute, especially at a small private school, does not exactly pay the bills (that is what my DH is for...) is definitely buys several books, quilt projects and provides for hours of educational experiences and fun. *grin*

The kids are fabulous. Each one has their own personality (duh!) and has easily found a place in my heart endeared to them. Currently, I'm covering Georgia History, Algebra, American Studies, and Apologetics. Even though, the plans are all laid out, for a couple classes I really do get to teach and the experience is renewing each day. I can see how people work as teachers for many many years. The light that comes into a child's eye and something makes cognition is just incredible and never gets old.

It has definitely cut into my reading time. But that is okay with me. I'd gladly get paid next to nothing to spend any amount of time with these children of God learning even a little bit.

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ForstRose said...

Cool sounds like fun and a little MAD money to boot.

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