Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quilting and Cats

Last night I made the ruling that Thursday is quilting day, and from that I was inspired and was able to complete my two outstanding quilt BOMs from Quilts & Fixins. Now there are just two blocks left and to put it all together. With this last one (yellow, green, and blue) I received instructions on finishing the quilt and I have some of the material, just missing the "bright" border. For more information or to see the previous blocks I have completed for this quilt click the tag "quilt" or "quilts" on the tag line.

I really love this orange... I might use orange for the "bright" border instead of yellow... What do you think??

Patches and Hershey Kisses are very much into this cuddle season. I made a pallet on the floor in front of the fire, and there are I think six blankets that they are nestled into. Of course, it appears Patches has the better pillow. What do you think?

Then there are other times, when HK picks out the best seat in the house. *grin* Who knew a long haired black cat who likes to be in the sun shine would like to be in front of a crackling fire. Go figure. *grin*

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Amy K said...

you spoil those cats!!!

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