Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you wearing your baby carrier correctly? #babywearing

Did you know that 9 out of 10 parents are wearing their baby carriers incorrectly?

Tips from Melissa Radcliffe-CoFounder of the TogetherBe Company
~ about how to know if your baby carrier fits correctly ~

You should check it that:

Mimics the in arms position - When your baby is in a baby carrier, he should be in the same position as when you hold your baby in your arms. This is the single most important part to any baby carrier. If it is an upright baby carrier, your baby should be snug against your body, high on your chest, in the same position your arms hold them in. If it is a side laying carrier, the baby should be between your breasts and your belly button, in the same position, and location as when you hold the baby in your arms. If you put the carrier on and let go of your baby and the baby moves away from you, drop downs, slump to the side etc, then your carrier is not on correctly.

Close Enough to Kiss - The baby's head should be close enough to you that you can bend down and easily kiss the top of her head. If you cannot bend far enough to reach the baby, then she is too low. If the baby is too low, there is a higher risk of breathing difficulty, and you may feel that the baby is insecure or may fall out of the carrier. Wearing a baby too low will also cause back aches.

Held tightly - Make sure your carrier is tight enough around parent and baby. When you lean over, or to the side, there should be little to no space between you and your baby. If you feel like you need to hold on to your baby to keep them from falling out of the baby carrier, it probably needs to be tightened or a smaller size. If a baby carrier is too large, when you lean over, your baby will swing away from you, this will make it harder on your back, and will potentially put your baby in an unsafe position.

Eye to eye contact - Your baby's face needs to be visible. His head should not be covered with any fabric. You should be able to look at your baby's entire face when he is in a carrier.

No Back Pain - If the parents back or neck hurts, they are probably not wearing the carrier correctly, or the carrier is not designed correctly. There are hundreds of baby carriers on the market that can be worn with a baby that is 25+ pounds. If you are feeling pressure points, or have neck/back aches, adjust the carrier until it is comfortable or perhaps a different carrier will work better for you.

If the above items cannot be accomplished, try a different baby carrier.

About TogetherBe LLC
Inspired by their children and necessity, TogetherBe, LLC was founded by
Melissa Radcliffe and husband, D. Hamilton Radcliffe. The entire product
line is designed to help parents and children be together all year round.
TogetherBe, LLC is an eco-friendly business using recycled materials
whenever possible, and maintains a socially conscious focus.

The TogetherBe product line includes the Peekaru Original, Peekaru Ozone,
Peekaru Soft Shell, the Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier, and the Universal
Head Rest.

More can be found at

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Lindsey said...

What a great guide! Thanks so much for sharing!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

TogetherBe is a great company with some great products out and a new one coming soon. Look for a review in the weeks to come!!

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