Saturday, March 13, 2010

Product Review: Baby Bjorn #babywearing


From their website:

About BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn AB is a family-owned, Swedish company founded in 1961. Right from the start, BabyBjörn’s goal has been to simplify everyday activities for parents and small children by developing innovative products for children up to the age of three. Our products are now used worldwide by millions of parents, and all of them have the same goal: happy, safe children. The enthusiastic reception our products have received from these families inspires us in our efforts to develop safe and attractive, high-quality products.
When we develop our products, we always try to be both creative and sensitive to children’s and parents’ needs. We aim to identify those little everyday problems and then to come up with ingenious solutions to them. Parents should feel confident in their choice of a functional product that is safe for their child. This is why we take responsibility for every step of our development process and have adopted a long-term approach towards constantly improving and renewing our product range.
This is also why we have worked closely with pediatricians ever since our company was founded back in 1961. The valuable information and comments they provide are vital, both in connection with the development of new products and in the ongoing development of our existing ones. Our cooperation with the medical profession began in Sweden, but now includes an international network of pediatricians in Germany, France, Sweden and the USA. What medical experts say about baby carriers.
Here at BabyBjörn, we stand by what we do, and we have a carefully thought-out philosophy that guides the way we work. A lot has happened during our 48 years in the business, but we have never compromised our core values – quality, safety and style.

Guest review from my friend Amy!!

My hubby and I had seen Baby Bjorn on TV and around in public. So I
put one on our registry for our son. He is 14 months now and I think
we have used 10-15 times. I guess we didn't know how often we
could use it. My hubby would use it when he went for walks
around the block. I used it when I took him to the State Fair and
walking on the ocean beach. I was afraid to used it for too long
because I have back pain and didn't know if this would aggravate it.
When I did wear it, it was comfortable, easy to put on and to get my
son into it.

My Baby Bjorn goes up to 25 lbs and my son is only 23 lbs so I am glad
we get to use it a little more. I actually wore it around the house a
month ago because someone insisted on being held and carried around to
house, but I had many chores to do, so I "Bjorned" him around with me
while we did laundry and tidied up.

We are planning baby #2 and I can't wait to get more use out of this
with the next one!! We plan to wear it when shopping instead of
lugging the big carseat everywhere!


Amy Kittel
Award-winning Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

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