Saturday, March 20, 2010

Safe Choices for a Ring Sling #babywearing


Advice from Li'l Peeper Keepers:
In the current frenzy of babywearing comeback, it is wise to put in some research before purchasing a baby sling. When you look through our shop, you will find mostly natural fabrics in our ring slings collection - silklinen, and tencel. We have chosen to focus on these fabrics for several reasons. Here are some of them:
A baby carrier should be strong, easily cleaned, and breathable, right? Well, that's what all of these fabrics are. First, they should be strong. Natural fibers tend to be strong, a characteristic that you definitely want in a baby carrier. Although single layer cotton slings may be inexpensive to produce and buy and beautiful to look at, we have chosen to direct our line away from that to more durable, while still light-weight options. Another aspect of the strength of a ring sling is the type of rings used. I mentally cringe when I think of someone using rings for a sling that were never intended to support a child! Make sure that your carrier choice uses rings (like those we use from that are intended for baby carriers and have been tested for CPSIA compliancy and for weight security.
Babies are . . . .well, rather messy at times. Therefore, it's only practical to have a carrier that can be washed. Linen, tencel, and even the dupioni silk we use can all be machine-washed! Easy care adds greatly to a carrier's worth during the days of spit up and other messes!
Baby carriers need to be breathable. While snuggling a little one is precious, it can also be quite warm! Natural fibers like linen, silk, and tencel are wonderfully breathable, allowing you and baby to enjoy the ride much more in various and sundry types of climates. This makes for carriers that can be used year-round in any climate.
So . . . think practical when looking for a carrier. Find one that is strong, yet light-weight, washable, and breathable. Think . . . Li'l Peeper Keepers =). We'd love to help you in your search for the perfect carrier. Just drop us a line at info(at) or use the “contact seller” feature at our Etsy shop. We’ll be glad to help!

*Thanks to Rebecca of Li'l Peeper Keepers for sharing this information.* 

5% off any order through the month of March. This cannot be combined with any other discount, but can be used on sale items! They need to mention the code “Babywearing . . . naturally” to either get an adjusted listing before payment or to receive their refund via Paypal.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing all this fabulous information!! Now you all, go see her! And stick around through out the month as I will review some of her great products. *Grin* 

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