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Etsy Spotlight: Li'l Peeper Keepers #babywearing


Hi, Im Rebecca, a babyweairng Mama and the seamstress behind Li'l Peeper Keepers baby carriers. I was privileged to grow up in the picture postcard state of Vermont. Now we enjoy the gentler, less dramatic beauty of northern Tennessee. I thank God for my precious preacher husband and our five children, four here and one in heaven. I have the honor of being a wife and a homeschool Mama. With this business, we all get involved! I love seeing when a child gets excited with a sale. I appreciate my encouraging husband, who, besides helping verbally with his support, has taken pictures, burned hundreds of DVDs, and mailed packages!
I began sewing about twenty years ago. My teacher was a mother with great patience and my tool a temperamental old Kenmore machine. I used to sew mostly clothes and gradually, my projects began to look more like items that could be worn out of the house!
When we first moved to Tennessee about 4.5 years ago, someone gave me the suggestion of sewing baby slings. I considered the idea, and if I remember correctly, began to research at that point. Then, probably a year later, I wanted to attend a Ladies Retreat at the Bill Rice Ranch, but needed a convenient way to carry my nursling. A young mother at our church explained further to me about babywearing and allowed me to take her sling home as a model.
My resulting sling, though a bit crudely constructed, was the first of hundreds. Shortly after, I began to approach a couple of few local shops, to see if they would be interested in carrying the slings. We ended up having four different shops carry our product at various times. We began selling online about 2 years ago through different venues. I love the fun interaction with customers that can be achieved through online sales!
We sell three types of carriers right now: the ring sling, the pouch sling, and the baby wrap. In selecting fabrics, I dont necessarily have a favorite color. Days of hours have been spent researching the best fabrics, styles, sources, etc. for our product line. Although a lengthy process, I would advise anyone considering marketing a product to invest sufficient preparation time.
I love making slings. What a joy to create items that help to keep a baby feeling perfectly secure in the arms of a mama or papa. The security exhibited in the face of a little one snugly held is a reminder to me of the most precious aspect of my life - the eternal security that I have of salvation through Jesus Christ alone. It is a joy to create these items that I feel are a help to parents and children alike. My goal is to create a product of durability and simple beauty.
Thanks for taking a minute to let me chat to you. So, if you know of parents that would be helped by having their hands freed up on shopping trips, or treks to the zoo, or just while calming a fussy infant, come on over to our shop. Wed love to have you browse around, ask questions, and let us help you find the perfect carrier for you. Come visit us today!

15% off any order through the month of March. This cannot be combined with any other discount, but can be used on sale items! They need to mention the code “Babywearing . . . naturally” to either get an adjusted listing before payment or to receive their refund via Paypal.

Summary about 3 Different Baby carrier types that we offer:
Sometimes parents work themselves into a frenzy trying to imagine all of the items needed to take care of a baby. And, of course, advertising attempts to convince newbies to parenting of the hundreds of "essential" items. In reality, babies need very little besides nourishment and nurturing.
However, some baby items out there do help to simplify the adjustment of having a little one around. One of these items is the baby carrier. Instead of purchasing an expensive stroller that will have to be maneuvered between clothing racks and wrestled into the car (oh, and pushed with one hand while trying to securely hold baby who decided he was tired in the stroller and preferred mama), pursue the possibility of babywearing. With the right kind of carrier and a little practice, you can comfortably, safely, and conveniently carry your child close to you - away from stranger's hands and snug against your heart. Instead of wrestling a stroller into the car afterwards, simply fold the carrier up and stash it in your diaper bag or tuck it into the glove compartment (that is, if yours is clean enough to fit in extras!)
Here are some basic facts about the three types of carriers sold by Li'l Peeper Keepers: ring slings, pouch slings, and baby wraps.
RING SLINGS: A ring sling is an adjustable baby carriers designed to carry your baby from infant to 35 pounds. This type sling is interchangeable between adults (fits almost anyone.) I believe the ring sling is the best all-around baby carrier choice. It can be used from newborn all the way up to 35 pound toddlerhood. It is great for the cradle hold, nursing carry, facing in and out, hip carry, and even back carry. The ring sling is simple to learn and wide in its uses.
In our ring sling selection, Li’l Peeper Keepers focuses on natural fibers like linen, tencel, and silk with these carriers to provide a sling that is sturdy, breathable, and versatile. The special Li’l Peeper Keeper “trademark” is the use of a contrasting thread color in a decorative stitch. This makes for a beautiful sling with interest AND versatility. Who wants to match all of their outfits to their baby carrier? I think it's best to have a basic sling, like one of our solid dupioni silks or linens, and then you can branch out to a sling with a patterned band or overall design.
POUCHES: Our pouch slings are a long U-shaped circle with a curved French seam, designed in such a way as to create a pouch to securely snuggle the baby/infant into. Pouches have no "hardware," (such as rings) to learn how to use, so many consider pouches as one of the simplest of carriers. Pouches come in a particular size (XS, S, M, L, XL), so are not usually interchangeable. Some of the Li'l Peeper Keepers Pouches even come with a small in-seam pocket handy for cash or your credit card. The plain fabric on a reversible pouch sling side make it like having two carriers in one! This carrier is great for newborns and for hip carry with a bigger baby/toddler. You can use it all in-between those times, too, but I consider those two stages to be where the pouch sling “shines.”

The BABY WRAP is one of the most versatile carriers around. It has a longer learning curve than the others, but I was truly amazed by how simple the wrapping is. These, like the others, can be used from infancy up to toddlerhood. I believe that the wrap is probably the best option if you plan on wearing your baby all day long. This particular carrier just does a great job distributing the weight. However, I believe that wraps do have their limitations. Imagine for a moment 15 feet of fabric to be properly wrapped while standing in a wet parking lot and supervising the unloading of 3 other children!! Another factor to be taken into consideration is the stretchability of the wrap. We focus more on woven wraps, which can still snuggle a baby, but give greater support as the newborn puts on pounds! Since they come with a DVD and are not size-sensitive, baby wraps make excellent baby shower gifts!
Much research has gone into learning about babywearing and the best materials and methods to use when making carriers. I personally like each of these types of carriers. All three are simple to learn and simple to use. If your main goal is simplicity, go with a pouch. If versatility and long-term comfort are your goal, the baby wrap or adjustable ring sling might be a better choice.

15% off any order through the month of March. This cannot be combined with any other discount, but can be used on sale items! They need to mention the code “Babywearing . . . naturally” to either get an adjusted listing before payment or to receive their refund via Paypal.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing all this fabulous information!! Now you all, go see her! And stick around through out the month as I will review some of her great products. *Grin*

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natalie said...

I loved looking at your shop- your woven wraps are soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and your carriers. :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Rebecca - I loved spotlighting you here. I cannot wait to share my reviews of some of your products.

I'm not sure what's wrong with some of the photos not showing up (at least this afternoon)... I'm trying to fix that.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Ok, finally got the photos fixed!!

natalie said...

Wow, that blue ring sling photo is BEAUTIFUL!

CreativeMadnessMama said...

I completely agree with you Natalie!

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