Monday, March 1, 2010

Babywearing 101

As time goes by with AppleBlossom being my first child I am learning more and more about parenting and finding my own mothering style. In addition to cloth diapers and breastfeeding some else that just makes sense and happened rather naturally was babywearing. In the next few months I hope that I will be able to bring you some great resources and reviews about babywearing that will be useful to you or someone that you know. 

What is babywearing? Basically it is holding or wearing your baby using a baby carrier. There are many different types of carriers which I plan to cover in detail. Having your child close to you and having hands free or relatively free is an incredible feeling. Being able to calm and comfort a crying or tired child and having a bit less strain on your back from the pulling and straining of simply holding the child in your arms is incredible. It is no surprise that babywearing is found in every culture through out history, it just makes too much sense. 

In the weeks to come I plan to cover the various types of carriers that are available on the market from all sorts of price ranges. I've been doing research of my own and like when I found out so many things on cloth diapers, I felt that I was learning too much great information not to share it with those that might be interested. Therefore, here I am. 

Here are some interesting links: 
Babywearing International 

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