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Product Review: AppleCheeks #clothdiapers

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With all of the diapers that I have been discovering when I found one with the name AppleCheeks, I just knew that we had to try it on our AppleBlossom. Just from seeing pictures, and then with the actual diaper in hand I could not get over how cute it is. Truly it is the most adorable diaper I have yet to see. At first, I had a real issue, because I just was certain that the elastic would not fit her legs and she is a little girl. I went and emailed their customer service and received prompt and polite replies to my questions (they must have thought me crazy!). The AppleCheeks diapers have some strong elastic in the legs and it is a different feeling that using other diapers. The pulling of the side, fully extending the elastic of the leg before snapping is very important. (Otherwise, you'll swear it's too small). Once I got the hang of it (for me took a while, since it was every couple days with the one diaper) I became a pro. 

The thing that I like about the AppleCheeks Diapering system is that as an All-in-Two diaper, you can use it as a pocket diaper (insert aggitates itself out in the wash!) or you can use it as a prefold with cover diaper system. The thing that I love about the AppleCheeks Diapering system is the prefold itself. These things are so soft and absorbent! They have become my extra insert for nighttime diapering (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Medium over a Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper Size 1 and a AppleCheeks insert on the outside of the fitted diaper). This method for nighttime has been the first real way that I have found where AppleBlossom is not completely saturated if it is a long night. 

The only qualm that I have had with the AppleCheeks diapers aside from my initial confusion about the leg elastic was some leakage around the tag stitches on the bum (used as a pocket diaper). In their defense, it was a very very very wet diaper and only ever happened once. (At one time my mom tried an experiment of embroidering some Thirsties covers and had the same issue - plus that is why on the Bummis covers there is a flap behind the stitching.) If it had occurred more than once it would be an issue, but as it was only after a full bladder episode I blame AppleBlossom herself. She's so hard on these diapers! *wink* 

I love that I can either stuff as a pocket or use it as a cover. I adore that the inserts are made of Bamboo (also available in Hemp). It thrills me that this is a two size diapering system (6-20 lbs Size 1 and 18-35+lbs Size 2 -- also available waist extensions). The colors of the diapers available are some of the best that I have seen and their options of prepackaged combo packs are awesome. If starting from the beginning I would not hesitate to suggest someone do their entire system of AppleCheeks and if adding to your stash, I'd say you could definitely not go wrong with AppleCheeks (once you get over your mama silliness and figure out what you're doing!).

*Thanks to AppleCheeks for providing a Size 1 Bamboo MiniTest for review.*
AppleCheeks™ introduces our sleek new MiniTests™
Each pre-packaged MiniTest™ includes:
• 1 AppleCheeks™ Envelope Covers in size 1 or size 2 and the colour of your choice.
• 3 One-size inserts, in either hemp OR viscose from bamboo.
• Print care instructions.
• Our gorgeous, full-colour instructional insert which explains the basics of the system and how to use it.
• A certified lead-free, reusable and recyclable PVC bag.
This newest addition to the AppleCheeks™ line makes a great shower gift and is a perfect foray for the beginner parent into the world of reusable diapers.

Neat news is that April 1st is the second birthday for AppleCheeks and with that celebration there are some neat changes in the works. One such change being the discontinuation of hemp in their inserts and focus on bamboo. Personally that excites me as I hear tons more good things about bamboo over hemp anyhow. *grin* 

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AppleCheeks is available in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Mexico from various stores and websites. Also, from the AppleCheeks Shop.

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