Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Product Spotlight: Boba Baby Carrier #babywearing

Today's babywearing spotlight is the Boba Baby Carrier from NAP, Inc. This soft structured baby carrier was developed by the creators of SleepyWrap (look for a review in the next few weeks) as their son turned three years old and the wrap was no longer the "choice" method of carrying. (Now this is on my future wish list!!)

Taken from their website:
We are a big advocate of baby wrap carriers for infants and small babies and our son virtually lived in the Sleepy Wrap for his first 16 months of life. As he became bigger we started looking for something more practical to be able to continue carrying him.
Soft structured carriers were new to us. We experimented with a few different carriers available on the market. It wasn’t so much that they were digging into our shoulders, but more the feeling of our son not being secure and leaning away from our bodies in the back carries. He also complained that his legs didn’t feel good even when seated facing our back in a wide seated carrier.
So for one year he refused to be carried. Most would think that a blessing. Well, the problem was that he still wanted to be carried, but only in our arms. We started toying around with the idea of creating our own soft structured carrier for toddlers after successfully launching Sleepy Wrap more then 3 years ago.
We were always brainstorming and trying to figure out how to make our design better and ended up first adding a safety buckle so there would be no spontaneous releases. Then a lightbulb went on. We just had the best idea- foot straps- to get that digging fabric off of little hamstrings, prevent bigger legs from just hanging and just give them a place to rest- just like the rungs we rest our feet on when we sit on a bar stool. After eleven different prototypes and almost one year of going back and forth, we finally got it right. Our son turned 3 by the time our final prototype was made and although he’s a big guy, he loves it.
We couldn’t compromise; we had to get it right. They had to be butter soft and we even took the extra step of making them with only certified organic cotton. To top it all off, we decided to make them right here in our home town of Boulder, CO with the help of local mountaineering professionals.
And the Boulder Baby carrier- the “BoBa” was born.
Robert Antunovic

Manufactured and sold out of Boulder, Colorado, the Boba Baby Carrier is part of NAP, Inc and their effort of going green. This is specifically a carrier designed to hold the baby in the most appropriate condition.
...this carrier is not intended for forward facing. The Boba carrier is designed to comfortably carry babies in a physiological manner, oriented toward the carrying individual (either on the front or on the back) with baby’s legs supported in a flexed abducted (froglike) position.

Boba Twitter - @BobaCarrier

Check out the Boba Baby Carrier website where they have a great comparison chart for baby carriers.

Discount code... coming soon.... maybe if the email monster will stop eating me.

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sheri said...

Have you tried this? I am wondering about carrying it on our site but haven't heard much feedback about it yet. We carry their other products but haven't included boba yet.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

No, I have not personally tried the Boba Baby Carrier. My daughter is not old enough/big enough for it yet. But coming from the same company as The SleepyWrap does speak well for it. I do hope to have the opportunity to try one out when AppleBlossom is older.

sleepywrap said...


I would be happy to help you and I have some great links/responses from customers that have used Boba. Email me at ashley(at)sleepywrap(dot)com.


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