Sunday, March 21, 2010

Product Spotlight & Discount: Sugar Sweet Baby #babywearing


Today's Spotlight is for a neat little shop, Sugar Sweet Baby, that I discovered that specializes in BAMBOO baby wraps, but also carries other things such as hair clips and more. Without further adieu, let Lara introduce herself to you!
Here is a little info on wraps and babwearing from my own experience:)

When I first had my son over 4 years ago, I was so confused about baby products. I was my first friend that got married and pregnant, so trial and error is what I used as well as alot of researching and message boards asking other Mom's their opinions. When it came to babywearing, I knew I wanted to wear my son. I loved the idea of the closeness as well as the functionality of it. So my search began for carriers. I literally tried them all. At first I did not even want to try a wrap, I thought it was "too much work". After spending waaaay too much money on carriers (please don't tell my husband, I am pretty sure most of them were gifts *grin*) and many back aches later, I tried making a wrap.

The freedom the wrap gave me was amazing! For head control for a newborn or sleeping baby you simply use one of the shoulder straps as a "cover", and turn your baby's face up and away from the strap. My life was now easier, I was able to work, get everything I needed to get done, DONE! The wrap was secure and womb-like and everytime I put my son in it, he would relax and the best part about it, is I could easily kiss his sweet face. I first used interlock cotton, I read up on it, it was soft and durable. When I started making them, I did like the material, but I felt like it was hot and too bulkly, then I stumbled on Bamboo. Oh how I love bamboo, it is soft, strong, and my baby didn't sag in it! I was/am in love!
My daughter was born in June and my son was 2 1/2 at the time. I literally wore her everyday, even in the heat. I would take walks with her and my son a few days after giving birth. (I had an uncomplicated, natural birth with her and recovered extremely fast). I love getting feedback from Mom's and Dad's as well as caregivers on what they think. Once you get the hang of getting the wrap on (usually around the 2nd or so time) it is a breeze. I always would tie my wrap before I left the house for errands. This makes for an easy way to place your baby in the wrap instead of having to tie it in the parking lot, etc.
Visit their site at or their blog I love Sugar Sweet Baby
Twitter @SugarSweetBaby

And for the rest of the month of March, use the coupon code "CUSTOMER" for a 15% discount! 

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