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Product Spotlight: HAVA Sling #babywearing


Today I am incredibly pleased to bring to you a Spotlight of the HAVA Sling from Nurtured Family, an neat boutique based out of Houston, Texas.
*Thanks to Rachelle of Nurtured Family for providing this information.*

HAVA Baby Sling

The Stylish Sling for Modern Mama's

HAVA by SlingEZee
HAVA is the result of 9 years of babywearing and two years of brainstorming on how to design a sling that is not only stylish and comfortable, but also conforms to the desires of many mothers to have a sleek and lightweight sling. We believe HAVA accomplishes all of this.

  • Lightweight and compact (half the size of other padded slings)
  • Zippered pocket in the tail
  • Lightweight rail padding, a third of regular padded slings
  • Padded rails can be pulled through the rings for greater adjustability
  • Decorative ribbon on the tail
  • Small, contoured shoulder pad
  • Beautifully pleated and gathered around the rings
  • Comes with instructional DVD
  • Packaged in a cute zippered see through bag with rope handle

We are a family owned and run business focused on bringing you quality products that have helped nurture our own family. Our goal is to offer products in line with our core values – nurturing spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We strive to exceed the expectations of each customer, because providing tools to promote stronger families is more important to us than making a sale.

Our journey with babywearing began with a very high maintenance firstborn son back in April 2000. To be content, Pierce had to be held, only be me – not even by my husband – for the entire first year of his life. He didn’t sleep much, breastfed constantly (it seemed!), and cried in the car. What had we done?? This didn’t match up with the romantic notion of parenthood we’d held. Wearing Pierce in a baby sling transformed my experience, allowing me to nurture him while going about my day – with two hands free for getting things done. I tried every kind of carrier available, and found a ring sling to be just the thing for comfort and easy breastfeeding. How nice to breastfeed while walking down the grocery store aisle, without anyone knowing what we were up to! When my husband quit the high-tech world, we joked that he’d start a website selling baby slings. We’re not sure when this idea became a reality instead of a joke, but we found ourselves with a website that actually worked as a family business – We started with our favorite baby sling, a fabulous nursing bra, and a brand of cloth diapers. Here we are, some seven years later, selling a wide variety of our favorite items online, as well as at our physical store in Houston. We’re so thankful for our high maintenance little one because he sparked a passion in us.

While my husband goes in to work for our business, I’m blessed to stay home with our five children as a home schooling mother. But once a month, I look forward to going into the boutique and sharing with expectant and new moms how to wear their babies. What a great art to learn! Studies have shown that wearing your baby reduces crying by about half, results in a more secure baby and a happier mother, and is even equivalent to tummy time when it comes to developing baby’s muscles! A few years ago, we had the opportunity to acquire the SlingEZee brand, so was born. Last year, we acquired ZoloWear to add to the BabyHoldings family. In addition, I designed a brand new baby sling bringing all of my favorite features together! Most popular baby slings are not constructed for comfort and end up thrown in the closet. This saddens me, since it gives people a bad taste for babywearing. For our new HAVA sling, I brought together a pleated shoulder that spreads fabric wide across the back for weight distribution, as well as sleekly padded rails, a lightly padded contoured shoulder pad, superb adjustability and a zip pocket in the tail. The feedback for HAVA has been excellent – we’ve often heard that it’s the most comfortable sling tried. We couldn’t have guessed the journey our high maintenance baby would take us on – what a great ride! Our prayer is that our passion for babywearing will be a blessing to families around us as they strive to nurture their little ones, too.

Thank you Rachelle  Rebecca for sharing your journey with us all! It especially is helpful to (first time) FTMamas like me to learn of other's experiences for what seems to work best. *grin*

Hold Me in the New HAVA Sling - Nurtured Family

HAVA Baby Sling
The HAVA baby sling is one of the top baby carriers that I recommend. If someone were to ask me which baby sling is the best, I'd say SlingEZee - if you're looking for heavy padding, HAVA - if you're looking for light padding, and ZoloWear - if you're looking for an unpadded sling. The key with the construction of these baby slings is that they cup the shoulder cap correctly and distribute baby's weight properly across your back. Also, their fabrics are fashionable, soft and breathable. HAVA has just one third of the padding that is in the rails of SlingEZee, making it lightweight and half the size - easy to stow. The tail comes together at the label, making adjustability super easy - no open tail to fuss over. Yet the tail flares out below the label, with a generous zip pocket for your necessities. You can't beat HAVA when it comes to fashion, comfort, and usability!

The HAVA Sling looks incredible and has some yummy fabrics to choose from. Not only does the Nurtured Family carry their own HAVA Slings as well as SlingEZee and ZoloWear... they also offer various other brands of great carriers (some of which you will hear more about during this series). They also carry almost all my favorite brands of Cloth Diapers too!!

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Rachelle said...

Thanks, Margaret, for being so thorough in telling your readers about us. :) Just as a side note, the telling of the babywearing journey on this post is actually from the owner, Rebecca who is the mother of 5 children now and has successfully used these slings for all of her children.


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