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Product Review: ERGObaby & Heart2Heart #babywearing


As I first started my research on babywearing, the carrier that I first came across and the one that for all appearances seems to be the favorite of all families is the ERGObaby Carrier.

There is no better feeling than

holding your baby close!

*Thanks to Hannah Sullivan of ERGObaby for providing a gently used ERGObaby Carrier and new Infant Insert heart2heart, a component of ERGObaby HandsFree system.*

I was extremely excited to try out the ERGO and when it arrived I was at first surprised at the waist buckle length. As I will tell you on Wednesday, my first introduction to babywearing was via my beloved Belle Baby Carrier and that waist strap is long in a way that I would never question if it might fit me, but with the ERGO I questioned it. It did fit, but being still in a postpartum body I opted for their most commonly purchased accessory the waist extension. After attaching the waist extension (which I hardly notice by the way), I am extremely comfortable in both sitting and standing while wearing the ERGO.

The ERGObaby waist extension extends the circumference of the waist belt of our carrier by 8", from 43" to 51" on our standard model and from 48" to 56" on our Sport carrier .
With the Enginerd's assistance I was able to strap on the ERGO and AppleBlossom and I were ready to go and tote around the house doing whatever needed to be accomplished. The first day of the snow, I buckled up and bundled up and we went around and enjoyed all the beauty (the first time AppleBlossom saw snow!). I love having her so cozy, cuddled up to Mama and having my hands free!

From their website:

Using the ERGObaby carrier gives you continuous connection, fabulous feeling of freedom, and security knowing your baby is safe.
This is the all-in-one soft baby carrier, assisting you through all the stages of your baby's growth and moving from front to hip to back position easily.
Parents tell us the ERGObaby carrier is the best of all the baby carriers on the market. It was designed by Karin Frost and has undergone extensive testing by tens of thousands of parents. Its innovative design makes wearing your baby comfortable for hours at a time, gives you the freedom to remain active and productive in your daily life, and holds your baby secure to your body so you are HandsFree.
ERGObaby’s baby carrier design supports a natural sitting position for babies, eliminating compression of the spine and hips that can be caused by unsupported suspension. The baby carrier also balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders, and alleviates physical stress for the parent.

Standard Baby Carrier Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood
  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
  • One inch, high density foam in shoulder straps
  • Quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt
  • High Quality buckles tested by SGS
  • Waist belt circumference from 25" to 43"
  • Fits from 5' to 6'5" body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • Sleeping hood with elastic, adjusts in length to growth of baby
  • High quality webbing, matched to carrier color
  • Reinforcement stitching used at all fabric intersections
  • Interior rip-stop reinforcements at critical intersections
  • Durability/strength tested up to 90 pounds
  • Machine washable - cold, gentle cycles, mild detergent, no bleach. Dry in low heat

At the time that we ordered our ERGO, AppleBlossom was in a transition. She had really good head and neck support, but was not ready to position her legs in a position with one on either side of my waist in the carrier. This is where the NEW ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart came into play. "This new version carries the baby in the tummy-to-tummy position, hence the name heart2heart." We received a natural color heart2heart and I must start with a confession... I went to the website, I watched all the videos I read all the instructions and saw all the photos. They said to unsnap the heart2heart to put the baby in. Well I saw a buckle no snap, so I figured mine was different. Well about two dozen uses later... I was pulling her out and pulled on the strap a little too hard and it came unsnapped. Unsnapped!?! There is no snap! The snap was the same color as the fabric, and I literally did not see it. Even though I had looked... So. Please, go the simple route and unsnap it. Your child will much prefer it I promise. *sheepish grin*

I cannot give an opinion of the original infant insert, but I love the heart2heart. Easily I see this being fabulous from a very early age (earlier than we started at five months). The heart2heart infant insert positions AppleBlossom perfectly and very comfortably. I know that her hips are positioned correctly and do not have to wonder if she is being put in the wrong way. At the time were she was not quite ready to stretch out her legs, the heart2heart was our solution. Only now at practically seven months do we use the ERGO without the heart2heart. So definitely if you are starting early, I would suggest it and recommend it highly as an accessory to carry your infant.

ERGObaby has been offering our Original Infant Support Cushion since 2004, supporting the baby in the cradle position. We are dedicated to giving our babies the most optimal support and comfort while being carried. This mission has led us to integrate the contributions of research studies, customer feedback, chiropractic support and working directly with newborns in the design of the NEW ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart. This new version carries the baby in the tummy-to-tummy position, hence the name heart2heart.
Our innovative design promotes healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joint, and leg position rather than putting a baby in a compromising sitting or hanging position before the spine is ready. It has extra cushions at the back and bottom to support the natural curvature of a baby's developing spine. The ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart also supports the safety of the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. Thanks to the ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart and Carrier in combination, parents can carry their newborn close to their heart so they can remain attentive to their baby’s needs and at the same time continue daily activities. The ERGObaby Carrier with Infant Insert heart2heart truly is the only carrier you will need from newborn to toddler.
As a whole, I love our ERGO. Without hesitation I would recommend it for any family. It is my walking through the neighborhood, going to the airport, spend a day at the zoo baby carrier. I must admit it is not the one I grab when I just have to work around the house, but it is the one that I want when I know that there is going to be an extended period of time that AppleBlossom needs to be carried. There is no doubt that someone would easily get their money's worth out of this carrier.
Certain features that I love that make it unique in my mind are things like the zipper pouch and the sleeping hood. I can drop my keys in the pouch and go for a walk and not worry about having a purse as well. When sleep finally comes, I just fasten up the hood and do not worry about AppleBlossom's head and neck being at an odd angle. The main thing that I notice, is that the features take away the worry. It just makes my life easier.
Right now, I am uncertain if it is because I am new to it, or if it is because I am just not flexible, but I cannot put it on and adjust it well by myself. I need that spotter and second person to fix a strap here or there or buckle the chest strap. Other than that, I absolutely love it. For wearing your baby front, side, or back the ERGObaby Carrier is a great way to go.

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