Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product Review: Belle Baby Carrier #babywearing


In March 2009, at four months pregnant, my friend Lindsey introduced me to Belle Baby Carrier. Knowing how SisterL was a fan of babywearing, I was fairly certain it was something that I would pick up. But even if I did not really get into babywearing all the time, I knew that I could and definitely wanted a baby carrier to have around. Through a giveaway I was able to win a Belle Baby Carrier in Cherry Deco and boy was I ever excited! I found out that I won right after Enginerd was laid of, so it was a surprise and unexpected joy that had me addicted to babywearing my AppleBlossom ever since she was able to hold up her own head. If I remember correctly, I believe she was about eight pounds and note quite a month old. (It was more when she was able to move her legs wider than her neck in AppleBlossom's case...)

In comparison to the ERGObaby Carrier the Belle Baby Carrier is amazingly light and compact. No matter our introduction to other carriers out there, our Belle Baby Carrier is the carrier that we keep in the car and I cannot even count the times that it has saved my back and arms when I needed to be out and about holding AppleBlossom. We've wore the carrier in the mall, grocery store, church, BBQ Fall Festivals, book stores, and many other places. Both carriers are machine washable, but the Belle Baby Carrier suggests line drying to prolong the life of your carrier. It does lack the pocket and previously the head support, but this one is so simple to use and adjust all by myself.

Leaving AppleBlossom in her car seat, I wrap around and fasten the waist belt, then scoop up my baby girl wrap around the shoulder straps, buckle, tighten and go! Now, in recent times they have also designed a removable head support. This would have been awesome to have in the early months, but even without it we did well. When AppleBlossom was smaller (up until about a month ago) we would twist the straps once or twice, and that would bring down the top so that she could see out, plus it put the buttery softness against her face as well of the interior of the carrier. 

Buttery softness. This is the main difference that I have found with the Belle Baby Carrier versus any other soft structured carrier. The inside liner is made of ultra-soft fuzzy teddy bear fur (as they say, No Teddy Bears were harmed in the manufacture of our carriers). Could someone please carry me around against ultra-soft fuzzy teddy bear fur??? 

There are a dozen different choices of patterns to choose from with many Organic choices available. We absolutely love our Belle Baby Carrier, and it is no doubt that anyone else would love one as well. Highly recommended from this family!

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Buy it: Retailing at $99, Belle Baby Carriers are a fabulous choice for a soft structured baby carrier. Click here to see all of your options of colors and patterns, video instructions and much more!  

4 comments and creative thoughts:

Lindsey said...

Ah yes, this is a wonderful carrier! I'm so glad you won one, and it looks great on you guys! :-) I think what I love most is the simplicity of the carrier and how light it is.

Looking forward to your next posts!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Thanks Lindsey! Yes it is incredibly light. I think the heaviest thing about it are the metal rings of the belt. :)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a neat alternative to the Ergo (as much as I love it) to know about!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I really do love mine.

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