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Product Review: New Native Organic Pouch #babywearing

When I first started looking into babywearing what I wanted most was a pouch. The idea of throw it on, grab the baby and go is absolutely appealing to me. Especially around the house or running errands. Yet when I started to shop around for pouch carriers I was a bit overwhelmed. For one, you may have heard in the media lately about all the dangers associated with bag pouch carriers. For more information on Babywearing Safety, check out the facebook page with all sorts of articles here. The pouches that I was looking into are different than the sling bags and the thing that I noticed when I was first checking out some of the sites were the safety guidelines for use (and this was before all the media hype).

One of the first companies that I discovered is New Native Inc and right on their front page they have a link to an important announcement about sling safety. New Native has been around since 1992 and their pouches are not the same design as the tube pouches you see everywhere. They are shaped and may I say very comfortable. *Thanks to Sherry of New Native Inc for providing a Organic Cotton Cocoa Brown Twill Baby Carrier with Sweet Jane Trim.* It is so beautiful and looks almost like cherry blossoms, which if you know me, you know that is appropriate. At first when I received my pouch I was a little concerned that I had gotten a size that was too big and I called their customer service and was met with the nicest woman who talked me through it all. It seems that you will find your perfect size after washing or "wash for true size". Through our conversation we determined that most likely with AppleBlossom's current size I could get away with a smaller size pouch, but as she grows I would need to get a bigger one. After washing it, I'm very comfortable with it and feel that she is very secure yet I can see how she would be even more cozy with a smaller size. Check with your place of purchase for their exchange and refunds policy (or just order from New Native Inc). I was very pleased with their customer service and if you have any questions, I highly recommend that you do not hesitate to ask.

Sizing Chart- Above the Bust Chest Measurement:
(Measurements do overlap)
                    X Small      Small       Medium       Large      X Large
                      25-29”       30-35”       34-39”        38-42”       40-45”

The New Native® Baby Carrier is one of the most popular sling-style cotton carriers on the market.  The carrier is worn over one shoulder extending to the opposite hip.  Featuring a reinforced curved pouch built in, the New Native® Baby Carrier provides a secure, cozy environment for your baby or a sturdy hip seat for your toddler (Newborn to 35 lbs). It is popular for those finding conventional carriers too bulky and it can easily be stuffed into a diaper bag or purse. Very versatile, it can be worn with the baby in front, side or back. It is ideal for discreet nursing. Made from 100% cotton fabrics with no buckles, padding or metal rings.

New Native has created a unique, functional design that allows the carrier to be put on in seconds, easily folded and quickly transferred from one wearer to another.  The sleek, streamlined design of the carrier is a modern take on traditional baby-wearing practices.  The New Native® Baby Carrier is endorsed by health professionals as it supports a baby’s growing body and distributes weight evenly for the parent.

The New Native Baby Carrier is specifically designed to promote contact-carrying. Our carrier is easy to wear and holds your baby securely so that you can accomplish your day-to-day activities “hands free” and stay in close contact with your child. This contact develops a unique bond between the parent and the child that is invaluable for both of you. Studies show that contact carrying promotes healthy development and bonding.  Babies need the stimuli that a parent’s touch brings.  In holding your baby close with a New Native® Baby Carrier, your presence is assuring, teaches them verbal and response skills and demonstrates your love.

Parents who practice contact carrying are more perceptive of their children's needs and learn to demonstrate more loving behaviors toward their children and other family members. Babies who are contact-carried are more involved in their parents' lives and will tend to be more involved in their own lives and less isolated as adults. When babies are in the carrier, their needs are more likely to be understood and met right away. Later, these children will know how to ask for help when they need it.

Contact Carrying Increases:

Healthy Immune System
Stimulates Muscle Growth
Healthy Sleeping
Balance Coordination
Healthy Communities
Loving Behaviors            

Contact Carrying Decreases:

Crying and Acting Out

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Child Abuse
Unwanted Teen Pregnancies
Feelings of Isolation

I love our New Native Organic Pouch. Right inside the package is information about their cotton, organically grown in the USA. That already makes me happy. It is very easy to use and fits right down in our diaper bag. I feel like the material is very high quality and will last and be quite durable. We have experimented with a few positions of carrying and I feel that as AppleBlossom grows this will be a great carrier that will meet all our necessary needs.  I definitely agree with the words on their packaging that states that this carrier is made with a Secure Design, Versatile and Convenient without a doubt. The pouch comes with an instructional DVD as well as a booklet with step by step photos that help you master just exactly how to wear the pouch. Like all babywearing products there is a first and second trial and error and then it's off you go! The first time I wore AppleBlossom in the pouch she fell asleep nearly instantly, and every time since then it's a cozy way to go about whatever I need to accomplish. 

We have tried and succeeded at discreetly nursing in our New Native and I am very pleased with the experience. It provides a comfortable position for both of us and plenty of coverage.

New Native Inc does not only carry the pouches, but also matching Twill bags and other amazing products like Bibs and Washies, Cuddle Packs, Footed Blankets, Hooded Blankets, Small and Large Receiving Blankets and more. They also carry a Toy Pouch/Child's Doll Carrier that fits children 25 lbs to 75 lbs in varying fabrics. So cute! Their website is filled with information as well as links and informative articles by other sources in babywearing. I highly recommend their product and I strongly suggest that you check out their website. I doubt one could go wrong with something from New Native Inc

Buy it!

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