Thursday, March 25, 2010

Product Review: Li'l Peeper Keepers Woven Wrap #babywearing


So, if you've been hanging around this month, you've been able to meet Rebecca, the Mama behind Li'l Peeper Keepers and you have heard how much I absolutely love her Tencel Twill Ring Sling. And just maybe, you've already entered into her giveaway for a TOY pouch sling (if not go back here to find out more...). Today I want to tell you about something else that she has available for babywearing folk like me. Woven Wraps.

Most people think "stretchy" when it comes to wraps, but there is another option in a woven wrap, and ultimately in the long run more practical. As woven wraps have less stretch, they will better be able to hold a heavier child (such as a toddler or older) without sagging or stretching out. *Thanks to Li'l Peeper Keepers I was able to try out a gauze woven wrap with a decorative panel that is just to die for in beauty (and preview a linen woven wrap)!*

Many mamas absolutely love the snuggly stretchy wraps for the infant stage, but the woven wraps will lend less "bounce" as the child puts on pounds =), making them practical from newborn to toddler.

THESE MAKE EXCELLENT GIFTS. And because they are not size-sensitive (and they come with a DVD), you can buy them and simply keep them in your gift bin until the need arises =).

This wrap is a caramel/tan color lightweight gauze that has been finished on raw edges with tan thread using an overlock stitch. A center panel adds interest and support. Wraps will vary slightly.

Here are the specifics:
Length - @ 5.5 yards
Width - @ 25 inches
Fabric content: 100% cotton

Fabric Heft: semi-see through (this works well for baby wraps since 2-3 layers support your child.)

An accompanying DVD will show you front carry (facing in and out), hip carry, and back carry (only for advanced users, please!)
Because they come with instructions and are not "sized" like a pouch sling, wraps, just like the ring slings we carry, make excellent gifts!

I think between the linen and gauze my favorite is gauze. I like the textured look that gauze has, although the plum color or the linen was gorgeous too. The gauze has a bit of stretch more so than the linen wrap, but both are sturdy and would easily hold a heavier child with ease and that gives me comfort in looking to the future. I think that is very possible that someone could only have one of these wraps and not an overly stretchy wrap and have all of their goals met. It might take a time or two to figure out what is the best tightness for you and your child as they grow, but it is easy to adjust.

The gauze wraps by themselves are beautiful vibrant colors and then the wraps with a front panel are endless in their possibilities of beauty. There are so many that I like and I'm sure you would too! As I said before, my favorite Ring Sling is from Li'l Peeper Keepers and I would not hesitate to recommend business with Rebecca. It is pure pleasure!

To see more pictures, make sure to check my review of a Li'l Peeper Keepers Tencel Twill Ring Sling the Etsy Spotlight post as well as her Etsy shop.

Buy it:
Visit then sit back and relax and browse through all the lovely things she has to offer.

15% off any order through the month of March. This cannot be combined with any other discount, but can be used on sale items! They need to mention the code “Babywearing . . . naturally” to either get an adjusted listing before payment or to receive their refund via Paypal.

Don't forget to enter in the Li'l Peeper Keepers TOY Pouch Sling Giveaway!!

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Jen said...

My son is too heavy to cary around now, but I wish I had one when he was smaller. Those are so adorable!

I'm a new follower from MBC. I look foward to reading more. Have a great night!


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