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#ClothDiapers Fuzzi Bunz Review

After my decision to cloth diaper our daughter AppleBlossom and literally months of research, one of the first choices I knew I wanted to have in my diaper stash were Fuzzi Bunz diapers. About the time that I was making our first purchases, I discovered the new One Size (OS) Fuzzi Bunz (FB) diaper and was able to acquire one of those as well as some Perfect Size (PS) Small and Medium diapers. In comparison to the other diapers we have also obtained in the small size, FB is one of our favorites still.

Fuzzi Bunz is a pocket diaper with guaranteed snaps from Mother of Eden.
The outer layer is made of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric), which is soft and waterproof and available in a plethora of colors and limited edition prints such as the current daisy print which is just too cute! The inside fabric that is up against baby is made of a fleece that wicks moisture away to the thirsty insert and keeps AppleBlossom feeling dry, which I have found to be fabulous for preventing and healing diaper rash.

Welcome to Mother of Eden... a company that cares

Mother of Eden has been manufacturing reusable and earth-friendly baby products for almost a decade. Our best-selling and award-winning FuzziBunz™ pocket diapers have prevented millions of disposable diapers from entering our landfills and have ensured that babies around the world stay dry, rash-free and happy. We were founded by a mother of three, Tereson Dupuy, who thought her children deserved something better than chemically-imposed disposable diapers and soggy-cotton cloth diapers and plastic pants. Her patented invention has adorned the bottoms of thousands of babies around the world and has set-off a new era in cloth diapering.

Mother of Eden knows that every FuzziBunz™ baby does her part to make this world a better place. By leaving a smaller carbon footprint, these babies are paving the way for a cleaner and better world for us all.

To use a FB diaper you just fill the pocket, preferably with an appropriate FB insert, but you can also use a prefold (PF) instead. When starting my diaper stash, I bought three fabulous Small FB PS in Sage, Lavender, and Baby Pink from my friend Rebecca at The Natural Baby, and borrowed eleven older version ones from my sister in various shades of blue and white. Immediately I could tell a difference. She bought hers as seconds, but they are still good diapers, just not as awesome as the brand new first quality ones.

The difference that I can see is first of all the fleece. The seconds have a cream or off white colored fleece, while my new dipes have pure white and soft soft soft fleece. The fleece of the seconds also appears to be more rough, I would relate that to the material and not from use either. Another difference that I observe between the older ones and the newer ones is the type of snaps used. My new ones have a heavier duty and in my opinion higher quality snap set. (I have been spending some time getting to know snaps, as AppleBlossom's Grandmama has just invested in a snap press and bundles of snaps!) When my sister bought her stash of FB, part of the deal was that they came without inserts. So she just used them with her stash of PF (green edged GMD discontinued now
). Sometimes she stuffed the pocket, sometimes she just put the PF on top and used the FB as a cover, either way worked just fine.

What we have come to experience with the Small FB PS is that we love both the new and the old. However we, especially DH, likes it better when they are stuffed with a FB insert over a PF. They are just so much trimmer then. I have read many a person who seems to think FB and other pocket diapers are a bulky diaper, but I find them to be very slim in my opinion. Right now my darling husband says that the FB diapers + insert are his second favorite only to the Imse Vimse AIO Small sized diapers with snaps, which is a tall order to fill! He likes most the very soft and thin feel. Specifically, he said "Like these a lot, good fit, easy to use and the fleece inside feels super soft. The snaps are easy to use and hold securely." About the alternate of FB diapers + PF he says, "Ok, but like the inserts better than PF. They still work just fine but the PF makes 'em feel thicker. I'm more a fan of the thin feeling diapers." Either way he is a fan!!

The right cloth diaper for your baby....

While a FuzziBunz® One Size diaper will fit your baby from birth to potty training without the added expense of buying the next size up, FuzziBunz® perfect fit selection provides you with trim fitting, highly adjustable diapers that fit snugly without the added bulk a “One Size” diaper may have. So if super great fit and “stuff and go” convenience is important to you – then the FuzziBunz® Perfect Size cloth diaper line is for you.

Did you know that most babies only go through two sizes of FuzziBunz® from birth to potty training – Smalls from 0-6 months and Mediums from 6-36
months. Specialty sizes from XS, Petite and XL
are also available for hard to fit or special needs children.

From Cloth Diapers
From Cloth Diapers
From Cloth Diapers

Now, let me tell you so far our opinions of the FB OS. Same great PUL outer layer, and soft fleece inner layer and pocket. Same fabulous snaps, with the addition of a hip snap for more leg adjustment. The OS diaper has adjustable elastic and should fit sizes 8-35 lbs which for some is their entire diaper lifetime. The elastic for the legs adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. What makes this unique from other OS diapers is that the adjust ability is not through extra snaps to snap down the front, but through the adjustable elastic/button system in the waist and legs. At a current 9 lbs and some, AppleBlossom can wear the FB OS diaper without flaw just as easily as the PS. It takes a bit to figure out the right measured settings, but then she's set, at least until the next growth spurt. *grin*

From Cloth Diapers

Over all, we love Fuzzi Bunz diapers and cannot wait to get more for our medium stash once we get there. It appears that from the perfect sized diapers on two size sets will be needed for most babies in the small and medium, although more sizes above and below are available. So while having a stash of OS would seem to be cheaper and you would own less diapers, it is up to the decision of long lasting with less diapers or the trimness and absolutely perfect fit. Really, I do not know what I like better. DH likes both, but probably the PS wins out due to the trimness. For me, I was a little confused by the elastic at first, but can easily master it. I think it is worth the extra dollars to have the better fit. Yet, at least the OS is now available to those who want the full savings and a smaller overall diaper stash.

My suggestions of where to purchase your own FB diapers are The Natural Baby, SoftClothBunz, or Kelly's Closet. The Perfect Size diapers should retail for $17.95, although I have seen the prints listed as $18.95 and the One Size diapers are $18.95 as well. Pretty much all three stores will do bulk discounts. If you do not see the option, just ask!

From Cloth Diapers

In our stash, we have 13 small PS and the one OS in current use with two medium PS to get to as she grows to about 15 lbs. I love these dipes and want more! These are a definite planned investment in the months to come. I plan to have at least 10 or more as part of my overall medium stash.

*NOTE* Pictures: Baby Pink is about 3 wks of age. Lavender and Butter are about 8 wks of age.

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Lindsey said...

Great review! :-) If I ever decide to go cloth, I'll definitely try these.

Katy said...

Hooray! I started cloth diapering my daughter at around 9 months until she potty trained at 2.5 this summer. :) After much experimentation, I found that I liked All-in-one diapers the best--my favorites were Nana's Bottoms AIOs. Congratulations on your new little one, and good luck in your cloth diapering adventures!

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