Friday, January 1, 2010

Product Review: Child to Cherish holiday gifts

Perfect for giving and receiving, Child to Cherish holiday gifts include decorative Handprint Christmas Ornaments to celebrate a child’s first Christmas and capture the memory of their precious little hand forever. A colorful gift box stores the memory for use year after year. Another great Holiday Collection gift item is the “Plant a Tree for Me” Christmas Pine Tree Seedling Kit.

*Thanks to Hilary Abbott Communications, Inc for providing a sample for review.*

Without a doubt, we have received one of the best gift ideas this year. The first Christmas of your child is a time to remember forever. With money tight from the unemployment stuff and new baby and blah blah blah gifts are not extremely practical for a child who will not retain the memory of the "first Christmas event". But... the first Christmas is too important to forgo. Something simply, yet unique and extremely eloquent is the Child to Cherish holiday gifts collection, especially the Handprint Christmas Ornaments!

Decorative Handpint Ornament. Includes nontoxic plaster, instructions and decorative ribbon and a paint set. Use box and mold for storage.
Recommended Retail:
Christmas Handprint Ornament: $8
Decorative Handprint Ornament: $10

We were blessed to be able to receive a Christmas Handprint Ornament and it gives me chills to think about the years to come when I will be able to look back and actually see and feel just how small these itty bitty fingers are as of this year.

I just love this ornament. Depending on the age of your child it can be quite a task to get this right, but you have a decent window of opportunity before the plaster dries. It took both my husband and myself to prep and hold the plaster and another to control her hand. She is five months old and still balls into a fist most of the time, so I had to open her fingers press it down then pull away quickly before she fisted again. It was a fun process and brought on lots of laughs. The only thing I'd add is that it would have been nice to have a third person to have taken a picture during the process. Another tip that we thought of after the fact, is that it might have worked out better to make the mold while she was sleeping, then her hand would relax. Oh well. Now we have a plan for next time! 

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Amy K said...

Cute :)
Now you've learned for next time:)
It reminds me of a project my mom did with my sis and me when we were little. Her friend was into pottery and made small plates (blue/grey background) and we did our handprint in Blue pottery paint in the center of the plate. Mom's friend fired them, and they still hang on mom's wall in the dining room. I'd love to do that with Tristan, but Mom's friend moved away >15 years ago, and I don't know how to contact her. :( I guess I will have to find a pottery shop that will allow us to do that when he gets older.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Look for places like this...

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