Friday, January 1, 2010

Top Ten Books of 2009 and more

This year I still did pretty well and read over 103 books even with being pregnant and then having a newborn. It is funny, because at times I was beating myself up for being so far behind in reviews, but with that said, I still accomplished a lot more than I realized. 

My top ten fiction picks in no particular order:
1. The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen 5/5
2. TSI The Gabon Virus by Walt Larrimore 5/5 
3. Silent On The Moor by Deanna Raybourn 5/5
4. Breach of Trust (Call of Duty, #1) by DiAnn Mills 5/5
5. Never the Bride by Rene Gutteridge 5/5
6. Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran 5/5  

7. Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort, #1) by Tamera Leigh 5/5
8. Honor in the Dust (A Breed Winslow Series, #1) by Gilbert Morris 5/5
9. Ransome's Honor (The Ransome Trilogy, #1) by Kaye Dacus 5/5 
10. Montana Rose (Montana Marriages, #1) by Mary Connealy 5/5 

And just because you're curious, what else I read this year in no particular order:

  1. Fiction: Montana Rose (Montana Marriages, #1) by Mary Connealy 5/5 
  2. The Husband Tree (Montana Marriages, #2) by Mary Connealy 5/5 
  3. Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy 4/5  
  4. Surrender the Wind by Rita Gerlach 4/5
  5. The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen 5/5 
  6. A Forever Christmas by Missy Tippens 4/5
  7. Love Finds You in Poetry Texas by Janice Hanna (Thompson) 4/5 
  8. Breach of Trust (Call of Duty, #1) by DiAnn Mills 5/5
  9. Scrapping Plans (Sisters Ink, #3) by Rebeca Seitz 5/5 
  10. Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort, #1) by Tamera Leigh 5/5 
  11. Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, #1) by Janice Thompson 4/5 
  12. Ransome's Honor (The Ransome Trilogy, #1) by Kaye Dacus 5/5
  13. Stand-In Groom (Brides of Bonneterre, #1) by Kaye Dacus 5/5 
  14. Menu for Romance (Brides of Bonneterre, #2) by Kaye Dacus 5/5 
  15. Miss Potter The Novel by Richard Maltby Jr. 5/5
  16. Deep in the Heart of Trouble (Sequel to Courting Trouble) by Deeanne Gist 5/5 
  17. The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist 5/5  
  18. A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist 4/5  
  19. Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock 5/5 
  20. Silent On The Moor by Deanna Raybourn 5/5 
  21. Dangerous Heart (Westward Hearts, #3) by Tracey Bateman 5/5  
  22. Thirsty by Tracey Bateman 3/5  
  23. Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray 3/5 
  24. The Desires of Her Heart (Texas: Star of Destiny, #1) by Lyn Cote 4/5  
  25. The Rose Conspiracy by Craig Parshall 4/5  
  26. Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey 4/5  
  27. TSI The Gabon Virus by Walt Larrimore 5/5  
  28. eye of the god by Ariel Allison 5/5 
  29. Gold of Kings by Davis Bunn 4/5
  30. Forsaken by James David Jordan 4/5 
  31. Double Cross (Sequel to Forsaken) by James David Jordan 4/5
  32. Deadly Intent by Camy Tang 4/5  
  33. Never the Bride: A Novel by Rene Gutteridge 5/5
  34. Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran 5/5  
  35. Tuck (The King Raven Trilogy, #3) by Stephen R. Lawhead 5/5 
  36. A Lady of Hidden Intent (Ladies of Liberty, #2) 5/5 by Tracie Peterson
  37. A Lady of Secret Devotion (Ladies of Liberty, #3) 4/5 by Tracie Peterson
  38. A Love to Last Forever (The Brides of Gallatin County, #2) by Tracie Peterson 5/5
  39. A Dream to Call My Own (Brides of Gallatin County, #3) by Tracie Peterson 5/5 
  40. Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska, #1) by Tracie Peterson 5/5  
  41. A Daughter's Inheritance (The Broadmoor Legacy, #1) by Tracie Peterson 4/5  
  42. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer 5/5
  43. Letter Perfect (California Historical, #1) by Cathy Marie Hake 4/5
  44. Bittersweet (California Historical, #2) by Cathy Marie Hake 4/5 
  45. From a Distance (Timber Ridge Reflections, #1) by Tamera Alexander 5/5 
  46. Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections, #2) by Tamera Alexander 5/5
  47. Beloved Counterfeit (Fairweather Keys, #3) by Kathleen Y'Barbo 4/5 
  48. The Blue Enchantress (Charles Towne Belles, #2) by M.L. Tyndall 4/5  
  49. The Secret (Seasons of Grace, #1) by Beverly Lewis 1/5 
  50. Blaggard's Moon (Prequel to the Trophy Chase Trilogy) by George Bryan Polivka 5/5
  51. Nightmare's Edge (Echoes from the Edge, #3) by Bryan Davis 3/5 
  52. A Passion Denied (The Daughters of Boston, #3) by Julie Lessman 5/5
  53. Jillian Dare by Melanie Jeschke 4/5 
  54. Deceptive Promises by Amber Miller Stockton 5/5 
  55. Love's Pursuit by Siri L. Mitchell 3/5
  56. No Place for a Lady (Heart of the West, #1) by Maggie Brendan 4/5 
  57. The Jewel of His Heart (Hearts of the West, #2) by Maggie Brendan 3/5  
  58. Breathe: A Novel of Colorado (The Homeward Trilogy, #1) by Lisa Tawn Bergren 4/5 
  59. Look to the East (The Great War, #1) by Maureen Lang 3/5 
  60. The Great Christmas Bowl by Susan May Warren 5/5   
  61. The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall 4/5 
  62. The Bride Bargain (Prairie Promises, #1) by Kelly Eileen Hake 3/5
  63. The Bride Backfire (Prairie Promises, #2) by Kelly Eileen Hake 4/5
  64. Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser 4/5  
  65. White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner 3/5
  66. Just Another Girl A Novel by Melody Carlson 5/5   
  67. Nonfiction: Alcohol Today by Peter Lumpkins 2/5
  68. No Limits No Boundaries by Tiz Huch 2/5
  69. The Christmas Kitchen by Tammy Maltby 5/5 
  70. A Novel Idea by ChiLibras 5/5  
  71. Missing Mary by Charlene Spretnak 5/5
  72. The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems by Tracy Hogg 2/5 
  73. Your Newborn Head to Toe by Cara Familian Natterson 3/5 
  74. The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp 3/5
  75. The Postpartum Survival Guide by Paul Meier 5/5  
  76. Expecting: Praying for Your Child's Development-Body and Soul by Marla Taviano 5/5 
  77. New Mom's Guide to Dealing with Dad by Susan Besze Wallace 5/5 
  78. Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade B. Curtis 5/5 
  79. Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be  by Glade B. Curtis 5/5 
  80. The Pregnancy Journal, Revised Edition by A. Christine Harris 2/5 
  81. The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss 5/5
  82. What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff 1/5 
  83. Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Pospartum Wellness by Glade B. Curtis 5/5 
  84. Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Labor and Delivery by Glade B. Curtis 5/5 
  85. New Mom's Guide to Living on Baby Time by Susan Besze Wallace 5/5
  86. Touched by a Vampire by Beth Felker Jones 1/5
  87. So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom by Jill Hart 4/5  
  88. Bibles/Devotionals: His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado 5/5  
  89. I Run to the Hills by C. Maggie Woychik 4/5   
  90. New Living Translation - Sanctuary Bible from Tyndale House 5/5  
  91. Holy Bible Word of Promise Next Generation - New Testament Dramatized Audio Bible 3/5
  92. Discover God Study Bible: New Living Translation by Bright Media Foundation 5/5  
  93. Abide with Me: A Photographic Journey Through Great British Hymns by John H. Parker 5/5  
  94. Children's books: Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers from Dayspring (Tommy Nelson) 5/5
  95. My Everyday Promise Bible by Phil Smouse 4/5  
  96. Jingle Bells 
  97. Deck the Halls 
  98. Peek-a-Boo, I Love You! by Sandra Magsamen 4/5  
  99. Goodnight Goon A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex 3/5  
  100. Grandmother, Have the Angels Come? by Denise Vega 4/5 
  101. The I LOVE YOU Book by Todd Parr 5/5  
  102. God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren 5/5 
  103. God Gave Us Love by Lisa Tawn Bergren 5/5

~ Margaret (MJ) Chind of Georgia, now to be in Tennessee
Enginerd's wife and Mama to AppleBlossom (July 2009 8 lbs 2.3oz)
"You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me." -C.S. Lewis

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11 comments and creative thoughts:

Mary Connealy said...

Margaret, Thanks for including me in that line-up of fantastic books. I'm honored. And thanks for posting baby pictures. :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Mary thank you for writing!

Ruth said...

Wonderful accomplishment, congrats! I'm reading Silent on the Moor now and loving it. Thanks for your reviews of Raybourn's books - they are one of the reasons I decided to finally check them out, and now I'm a HUGE fan of her work!

Anonymous said...

Margaret, I'm so glad that you found my book helpful and I'm thrilled to be in such great company! I'm an avid reader too and can't wait to check out some of your suggestions!

Camy Tang said...

What a list! You rock!

Katy said...

The Apothecary's Daughter was one of my favorite reads last year too. :) Great list! I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews this year. :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Ruth - I'm so glad! I wish I could find more like her.

Robin - Did you see my review? I tweeted the link to you.

Camy - You're a doll, thank you so much!

Katy - It's because of bloggy buddies like you that I love doing this.

Julie J. said...

The Apothecary's Daughter is on my Top 10 reads of 2009 too! I haven't read any of the other books you mentioned but most, if not all, are on my TBR list!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Great taste Julie! I'm reading The Silent Governess now.

Julie Lessman said...

Gosh, Margaret, I guess I better get busy ... I haven't read anything on your list but The Apothecary's Daughter and Montana Rose, two of my favorites too!

And how you managed to read ALL of those books with a new baby and moving is totally beyond me!!


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Julie I've written a list of books I have that I "need" to read... and it's ridiculous.

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