Friday, January 15, 2010

Product Review: Ringley Natural Teething Toys

Today I found out that I might need to go to Georgia for an extended visit to help my parents out with something. My first thought, was well AppleBlossom is portable I can do that. Now what to take... the first thing that came to my is our RiNGLEY. I am not leaving here without it!! 

RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two efficient teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth.

RiNGLEY provides two very different textures that enable children to satisfy their teething needs. Made free from dye and without harmful chemicals. RiNGLEY provides babies and toddlers with two safe and efficient textures that enable children to satisfy their teething needs.

By far, I can tell you that our RiNGLEY is the best thing that we have gotten for AppleBlossom since she started teething. We have tried the cold gel filled teether rings, washcloths, and even ice chips in a mesh feeder but nothing would do for her gums except Mama and Daddy's fingers. That was until she got her hands on the RiNGLEY

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton and Natural Untreated Maple Wood
  • Maple wood is one of the strongest, safest types of wood for childrend to have in their mouths (will not splinter)
  • Terry cloth has been used for centuries as an effective and safe surface for babies to teeth on
  • Made free of dyes and without harmful chemicals
  • Use wet or dry. Available in four styles. Ages 0+
I was so thrilled and anxious with RiNGLEY decided to send us a sample RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toy for review. There are four different styles so as to suit each individual child's needs and desires with textures in varying combinations depending on the toy. We had no idea which one we would receive and once we did receive our Junior we were sure that we had the best. Yet overlooking the different ones, I think I might think that with any of them. The newest models in the RiNGLEY family are made using Velcro that makes my life easier! This makes it a snap to machine wash and dry the cloth, while the original that is fixed to the wooden ring are hand wash only. 

Pretty much wherever I go in the house we have the RiNGLEY and a babbie. While I am cooking and AppleBlossom is exploring things on her tray from her highchair, her favorite is to gnaw on the RiNGLEY while talking. She does make the cutest squeaks and squeals. As I type this, as a matter of fact, she is in her swing gnawing and babbling away. 

When teething started (nothing is through the gum yet) I knew it was the end of the world for our sanity. Now that we have the RiNGLEY my hope is restored and all is well and right in the world. Just thinking about what all is going to go in my child's mouth over the next two years as she is exploring and learning textures --  I am extremely glad that she has something like the RiNGLEY over all the chemical plastics and paints that she might have.

Designed by a Child Life Specialist. Handmade in Canada.

RiNGLEY passes all North American safety standards, CPSIA + ASTM toy safety tested

For more info, visit 

I highly recommend the RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toys to anyone with a teething child and they would make great shower gifts to an expecting Mama. I do think we'll have to invest in a RiNGLEY ball ourselves, it would be so great to have another. 

Visit to get the perfect gift for every mom.

RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toy (Straight)RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toy (Knotted)RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toy (Junior)RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toy (Ball with rattle inside)

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Mommy Is Green said...

This sounds like such a good product! It is really hard to find teethers kids actually want to chew on. I love that they are made of organic cotton! That's a plus in my book.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I really cannot say enough good things about the RiNGLEY. She dropped it from the highchair and the noise it made when it hit the tile, I was just sure it would break. But nope, it really is that strong. *grin*

Lindsey said...

I think I need this... Emma never did teeth on any of the regular teethers I bought her - the table legs seem to be favorites. LOL Oh, and DVD cases. *sigh* This looks awesome!

Thanks for the great review. :-)

ApachesPrincess said...

Great review, it looks like a neat product!

AnimeshSingh said...

it seems to be great deals!! nice product!!

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