Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Berenstain Bears Go to Sunday School: a review

The Berenstain Bears Go to Sunday School The Berenstain Bears Go to Sunday School by Michael Berenstain

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What a wonderful this story is and so true to many a family life. The Berenstain Bears have always been wonderful, but the Go to Sunday School story is a great one to share and explain to family how great going to church and Sunday School can be, even for a bear. :)

I highly recommend this story for families, especially those with kids ages 4-7. This and all the other Berenstain Bear books, especially the newest ones coming from Mike Berenstain, son to the creators Jan and Stan. How busy is your life? Can you find time for church and Sunday School as a family?

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windycindy said...

We have many of the Berenstain Bear books and videos. They are timeless classics to me! Thanks for this book review. Cindi

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