Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diamond Duo by Marcia Gruver

Diamond Duo (Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1)

published October 1st 2008 by Barbour Publishing, Inc
binding Paperback
isbn 1602602050 (isbn13: 9781602602052)
pages 288

Get ready to burn the midnight oil with Diamond Duo, a suspense-filled historical romance that will keep you reading with a white-knuckled grip. When Bertha Biddle meets an enigmatic charmer named Annie Monroe, she's hoping to learn from her the art of how to woo a man. But just how far will Bertha go to win her heart's desire? One woman's miserable end still haunts the town of Jefferson, Texas, today.

Part One: DIAMOND DUO - Fall 2008

1877 Jefferson, Texas
Bertha Biddie’s
in love. The fellow seems interested, but something’s holding him back. When a charismatic stranger rolls in on the northbound train offering to teach Bertha the art of wooing her man she leaps at the chance. But when the woman is found cruelly murdered, Bertha realizes their meeting held eternal significance.

Thaddeus Bloom is way past smitten with Bertha. But his father’s determined Thad will be the family’s first college graduate. Thad’s bound for military school and must leave his feelings for little Bertha behind. Trouble is it’s time to leave, and he can’t muster the starch to say goodbye.


1905 Humble, Texas
Charity Bloom’s fiancĂ© jilted her for her best friend in full view of the whole town. Despite her friend's betrayal, Charity is surprised to find she longs to reconcile their friendship. More offenses by the girl soon change her mind though not her heart. To further complicate matters, a larger-than-life oilman plagues Charity’s thoughts more than her fickle ex-fiancĂ© who has decided he wants her back.

Buddy Pierce
arrives in Humble hired to scout for oil. A chance encounter with Charity lands him in her backyard wading through an oil-rich bog. Buddy knows his discovery will free Charity and her mother from poverty, but in his zeal, he forgets to ask Charity if she wants freedom. Troubled by her dark, brooding eyes, he tries to understand her. What he discovers proves that while chasing riches for others, he has found in Charity a priceless treasure of his own.

Part Three: EMMY'S EQUAL

1907 Carrizo Springs, Texas

Emily (Emmy) Dane’s recent decision to trust God with her life has yet to rub off on her stubborn spirit. After eighteen years of catering to unruly flesh, Emmy’s having trouble surrendering her will. When she realizes God is steering her toward marriage to the last man on earth she’d choose for herself, she bucks like an unbroken stallion.

Diego (Isi) Marcelo
can’t be labeled a half-breed because there’s more than two cultures in the mix. His father was a Spanish merchant, his mother part Choctaw and part Scottish trader. Isi, his Indian name, means deer in his grandmother’s tongue, but the locals north of the Mexican border allege his name should be El Toro.

About the Author:
Marcia Gruver is a full time writer who hails from Southeast Texas. Inordinately enamored by the past, Marcia delights in writing historical fiction. Her deep south-central roots lend a Southern-comfortable style and a touch of humor to her writing.

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