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Goodbye Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson: a review

Yes, that's right... I have already read it! It read it non stop from when it entered my hands. It's just that fun!!! Information good to know, Hollywood Nobody (book #1) won the 2008 Christy Award for Young Adult! Absolutely fabulous, no doubt about it. I just loved HN and Finding Hollywood Nobody and Romancing Hollywood Nobody. Read my review of HN, then FHN, and then RHN. I could not wait for Goodbye Hollywood Nobody!

Goodbye Hollywood Nobody (Hollywood Nobody #4) Goodbye Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

My review

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What a way to end the HN saga! So much has happened in the life of our Scotty Fitzgerald Dawn that it's hard to write a review without spoilers. GHN is the fourth and final installment of the HN series.

This is a wonderful series that should be read by tweens, teens, and young adult girls alike. I actually doubt you could put an age limitation on the enjoyment found in these short novels. Scotty is just a girl in an interesting life trying to figure things out. She puts it well that she "seems to collect people". All around the US Scotty makes friends in different situations and she learns valuable life lessons from all of them.

GHN answers some long awaited questions for Scotty, family, and friends. It ends in a perfectly adorable fashion. In this story, at 17 you can definitely see how Scotty has aged and matured. Scotty has always been mature in some ways, but very innocent childlike in others. It is from being around Scotty that people benefit and learn things about themselves. She is a good example of a person to be.

I highly recommend the Hollywood Nobody series to anyone and everyone.

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