Friday, September 12, 2008

Friends of the Library Presentation

On Monday (Sept. 15th), I have been asked to come speak to the Friends
of the Library at a local library about what I do (I'm a blogging book
reviewer). It was through telling someone about the book reviews and how
Christian Fiction has grown by leaps and bounds and is so fabulous these
days that they found me.

It is my thought to make this a good introduction to why I (and so many
other people) write book reviews and post them all over the internet for
people to find. I would like to talk about the various publishers of
Christian Fiction (and some non-fiction) and really open the eyes of
this Friends of the Library to get them to purchase more Christian
Fiction for their collections.

I'd really like your help! (Plus to get your name out there to them!)
Any blurb, or picture, or information you'd like for me to share about
our organizations/authors out here on the web would be greatly
appreciated! I think this will be a fabulous opportunity to really share
this ministry of ours.

I do not know if I'll actually show any multimedia, but I figured that I
would put together a folder of information about the various websites to
look at for book reviews and such.

Thank you for your time, and I'm so sorry to bother!

One of the main things that I am doing is gathering a list of Christian
Fiction authors and their websites. I have a pretty good one going so
far, but I want to make sure to attempt not to miss anyone. So if you
want your site and name listed, please email me with those.

Also, I'm not opposed to listing different websites that are part of the
ministry of promoting Christian Fiction through book reviews.

There is just a shout out for all of you authors and I really want to
help to get our library to purchase your books. Thanks for listening!!

Please pray that this all goes well!!!

> Thank you for your time,
> Margaret
> Creative Madness
> cherryblossommj[at]gmail[dot]com (book related)

3 comments and creative thoughts:

L Brons said...

Just wanted to remind you about her site, too. Will try to call you tomorrow. Love ya. ~L

Amy said...

Margaret, hope any of these help:)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Oh thanks Amy! (And Boo) that left me with a few I had forgotten... Thank you!!!

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