Monday, September 15, 2008

Old Milton Country Fair

Yesterday I was able to attend and work in the Kid's Zone of the Old Milton Country Fair. To my understanding, formerly the fair was run by the city of Alpharetta, but this year the Alpharetta Lions Club took it on as their charity event. My brother is currently the president of the Alpharetta Lions Club and therefore the entire family (that lives in GA) was highly involved. For a few hours, in the blazing heat, my DH and I ran the kids games as instructed by my SIL. We had a lolipop tree, lillipad frog toss, bean bag toss through the sunflower rings, throw a football through the quarterback's hands, hula hoop ring toss, and diving ring toss, a miniture putt putt, and a craft table to color pictures or draw and decorate a bag perfect for holding your candy you won. It was great fun.

The kids all loved it, and so many parents were so thankful for it. One of the main thing that parents kept telling us over and over is how great it was to have something like that available for the kids for FREE! It astonishes me that we can put a price tag on fun. Some kids would walk up and before anything else, just ask for tickets, or ask how much tokens were. How terrible can it be that kids see fun things and automatically assume that you have to pay for it. Does everything have a price tag these days?

Other things that were there (to my delight!) a quilt show with dozens and dozens of quilts, and I got to see old friends that I hope to see again soon! There was also varying booths with things to do. There was a puppet show, a gold and gem paning station, a basket weaver, varying old fashioned foods, swords for the knights and flower wreaths for the maidens, and so much more! Different contests and challenges took place throughout the day such as watermelon eating contest, watermelon seed spitting contest, pie eating contest, pickle eating contest, and horseshoes!! With a lunch of BBQ, sweet tea, and a fried apple pie, my DH couldn't be happier.
Do you remember these type of fairs as a child? Do you go to them now, maybe take your children? What is your favorite memory of a fair or festival? Leave me a comment and tell me yours...

- MJ

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Amy said...

mmmm a pickle eating contest?! sign me up! BBQ and pie! yum!
every year we would go to the WI State Fair in Milwaukee. we had a routine, and followed it every year: breakfast at 9am was WI baked potato, with cheese and sour cream. desert was WI ice cream with choice of topping (i always got raspberries) and choc milk. then we walked around the fairgrounds, till lunch when we watched the Pig races and ate at either Shakey's Pizza or Saz's (where the races losers would go afterward). Wound our way to the Cream puff line, yum, and walked among the vendors picking up a giant pickle along the way. Corn on the cob was eventually added, and the wine tasting was tried after we turned 21. day was ended with sore feet and 2 glasses of your choice of 5 flavors of milk. now that was FUN!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

WI baked potato, WI ice cream,... what is the difference between a normal baked potato and a Wisconsin baked potato? Wisconsin ice cream too? ;)

So, when do you run around to lose all that was gained with that feast??

Good grief this sounds good!

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