Saturday, September 27, 2008

Losing God by Matt Rogers

Not long ago, I shared with you about a non-fiction When Answers Aren't Enough by Matt Rogers. Now, I want to tell you to look forward to another good book by him that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

Losing God: Clinging to Faith Through Doubt and Depression

Losing God

Clinging to Faith Through Doubt and Depression

By Matt Rogers

About the Book

It was the perfect irony. To lose God at a missions conference.

What's worse, Matt Rogers will tell you, is that it all felt like fate. Years later, even after Matt's depression subsided, the feeling of being forgotten had not left him. So he knew he had to write it down.

Recounting his own experience with depression, Matt Rogers explores the question of how, in a world of suffering, we can call God good. This challenging question can manifest itself as a conspiracy of doubt, so that our emotions and our intellect come under attack. Without appealing to easy answers, Rogers offers understanding and a ray of hope for those who suffer from depression, encouraging them never to give up.

Click here, and go find out more about the book, including excerpts and reviews. When I can get a copy to read, I'll give you a review shortly thereafter.

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