Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on the House

So first, the seller's bank was delayed.

Then they blamed their HQ as being delayed.

Then they blamed the search company as being delayed.

Then they blamed clerical errors as being a delay.

Now they tell us that it is the County government that is being a delay.


It did not work for Adam and Eve and it will not work here!

Today the latest is that things were put in on the 9th to discover the various delays that kept us from closing on the 12th. They now think that "things will be put in" by the end of this week and that should let us close by the middle of next week.

We'll see I suppose...

But at least today, I've had my reassurance from God. Multiple times. :)


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windycindy said...

We have lived in the same town for our whole married lives. In the 22 years, we have moved twice. Seems like it is not every easy! Good luck with your new home and move! Cindi

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