Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mary's First Thanksgiving by Kathy-jo Wargin and Illus. Robert Papp

Mary's First Thanksgiving: An Inspirational Story of Gratefulness

Available September 1st, 2008! (ask for it!!)

Mary is a modern pilgrim girl whose family came to this country for religious freedom. Her family faces hardships, but through the story of the first Thanksgiving, Mary recognizes her blessings.

Robert Papp’s endearing paintings complement Kathy-jo Wargin’s beautifully told story of how a modern pilgrim girl and her family make the difficult transition from their home in England to America. Through this captivating picture book, readers will learn of a tradition that dates back to the Pilgrims—one that will kindle their faith in God.

Mary’s First Thanksgiving is sure to become a family favorite for years to come.

Kathy-jo Wargin
When Kathy-jo Wargin was a young girl, each night after dinner, her mother let her choose between washing the dishes or writing a poem. Before long, she decided that if she grew up to be a writer, she wouldn't have to do any dishes. She has since learned that even though she has published more than twenty award-winning books for children, she still has to wash the dishes. Kathy-jo lives in Michigan with her husband and son, Jake.

Robert Papp
Robert Papp says he’s one lucky guy. "Every day I wake up and get to play with paint!" Ever since his first gallery showing on his family’s refrigerator, he has been creating appetizing artwork. Nowadays his paintings appear in the pages of children’s books instead, which he finds perfect since kids are the best audience an artist can ever have. Robert lives with his artist wife, Lisa, and their orange cat in historic Bucks County Pennsylvania, and if you ever visit, you might still find a painting or two stuck to the refrigerator.

A review and more information soon to come!

published September 1st 2008 by Zonderkidz
binding Hardcover
isbn 0310711797 (isbn13: 9780310711797)
pages 32

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